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Milk Tea Lovers, You Need to Try These Yummy Cheesecakes ASAP

Yes, tea-flavored cheesecakes exist!
High Noon's milk tea-infused basque burnt cheesecake is a definite must-try!
PHOTO: Instagram/highnoonph

If we were to name two sweet treats that never fail to tickle our tastebuds, they would definitely have to be cheesecake and milk tea. Now imagine getting the best of both worlds in one bite. Yep, it’s definitely possible!

Introducing High Noon’s tea-infused basque burnt cheesecakes! The oh-so delectable dessert comes in three flavors, namely Original, Earl Grey, and their special half-and-half: Original and Hojicha. What’s more, they're packaged in a mini four-inch size so you can have the chance to try them all without wasting a bite, and for just P300/cake, no less.


Known for their #aesthetic bottled drinks, the Parañaque-based tea room first incorporated desserts to their menu last July. But just in case you were curious about their milk tea options as well, they happen to come in six variations, including Toffee, Taro, Lemongrass, Sencha, Earl Grey, and Hojicha. 

Meanwhile, you can also get their refreshing fruit tea drinks in Ruby Black with apple jam and passionfruit, Lemon Lime with pineapple jam and passionfruit, Lychee Black with apple jam, and Peach Oolong with pineapple jam and passionfruit.

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To place your order, message High Noon on their official Instagram page here.