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How To Make Highball—Your New Favorite Boozy Drink

It's so simple, people will be impressed!

The next time you feel like "having a drink" or two, we recommend ditching your usual cocktails and soju mixes (which are all delicious but you know, change is good, too!) and try making yourself a highball. What exactly is it? The dictionary defines a highball as "a drink consisting of whiskey and a mixer such as soda or ginger ale, served with ice in a tall glass." Already sounds delicious, right? 

Here's everything you need to make a highball:

  • Whiskey (We like Jim Beam bourbon!)
  • Soda water
  • Ice (lots of it!)
  • lemon

The smooth bourbon will be enhanced by the zing of the citrus—this classic highball is so simple but *so* refreshing! Another easy twist you can try is to swap the ice cubes with pieces of frozen fruits to give that special flavor to your drink. Yum! 

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Here's an easy-to-follow video for your reference:

We swear, this drink will be your new favorite! To get you started, we recommend getting yourself a limited edition Jim Beam tin pack exclusively available at S&R for P1,438! Each tin contains two 1L bottles of Jim Beam, and you can use the tin as an ice bucket and the lid as a garnish tray—sulit right? BRB, *literally* adding this special set to our carts on our next grocery trip! 

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Drink responsibly!

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