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13 Food Stores That Deliver Ready-To-Eat Home-Cooked Meals

Your food delivery may cost a bit more, but it's worth it.
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Since the quarantine started, more households have turned on their stoves to cook because it's cheaper than ordering out. Restaurants that have remained open for takeout and delivery have a skeletal workforce and limited operating hours.

Still, not all of us have the talent for cooking and some of us have limited facilities to whip up something delicious in the kitchen. At the very least, most adults know how to cook rice or fry something. Frozen ready-to-fry foods are easy enough, and instant marinades are already a big help.

But at some point, you'd want to break the cycle of canned and fried foods. Maybe you're working from home and still don't have the time to cook. Perhaps you need a break from cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Home-cooked food delivery— that's not fast food—is your best bet.

We've put together a list of food establishments that deliver. Many of these stores take limited orders that you need to place in advance. Several offer big serving sizes, which you can portion and freeze for later consumption.

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Not all establishments allow cash on delivery, though—they prefer bank transfers. Almost all deliveries are outsourced to Lalamove or Grab. You can also pick up the orders yourself, but that would mean you'll need to go out.

These are perfect for when you need a break from cooking every day—or if you don't have access to a microwave or stove top.

Farm to Fork

Apart from selling meats and dairy, Farm to Fork also delivers ready-to-eat ulam such as chicken adobo, embutido, binagoongan, spicy pork sisig, and dinuguan. They are open for inquiries and for deliveries starting 12 p.m.

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Dine With Jul

Dine With Jul makes four to five dishes weekly and prepares different menus every week. One order can last you three to five days, depending on how you ration it. Dine With Jul typically posts their menu a week in advance.

Mama Rosa's Red Kitchen Co.

Mama Rosa's Kitchen Co., offers a wide variety of Pinoy comfort food: afritada, tinola, nilaga, caldereta, pinakbet, and more. To order, message Rose Benipayo on Facebook. Orders must be made three days in advance and you have to pay via bank transfer. Pick up, in case you opt for it, is in Kamias, Quezon City.

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Jacqueline Anne's Catering Services, or JACS, offers ready-to-heat meals such as laing, pork binagoongan, beef bulgogi, and more. When you order, you also help feed frontliners. JACS delivers food to frontliners every Wednesday. You can order through their website and pay via bank transfer.

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Burp Casa Z

Burp Casa Z can cook for a minimum of two up to 50 people. They have pasta, seafood, soups, salads, sweets, and more. Message them on Facebook to know your options and the cost of your requested portions.

Instafamealy Heat-&-Eat Meals

Home-cooked meals made with love: Instafemealy Heat-&-Eat Meals contain no preservatives or cheat ingredients. Each order is good for two to three persons/servings. Check their menu of the week on Facebook and send them a private message to order.

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Piglet's Kitchen

You can have Piglet's Kitchen's bestsellers like beef pares, thrice-cooked pork adobo, and binagoongan in coconut milk. Each order is good for two to three persons. Message them for their menu and other available dishes or contact them via (+63)917-842-3552.

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Buon Tavolo

Try Buon Tavolo's simple but delicious authentic Italian pasta recipes that can be good for two to three, four to five, or ten to 12 persons. Message them on Facebook to order. You can pay via bank transfer, GCash, or cash on delivery.

Food Tray 2 Go

You can message Food Tray 2 Go to request for packed meals to be delivered to frontliners in Metro Manila. Order your food trays via private message on Instagram or contact them at (+63)917-702-6395.

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Almost Gourmet

Almost Gourmet has different types of yummy chicken recipes in solo or family sizes. Order two to three days in advance by messaging them on Facebook or call them at (+63)917-810-0110.

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Sweet Haven by LouLou's Kitchen

Apart from frozen, ready-to-cook foods, Sweet Haven by LouLou's Kitchen also offers many Pinoy comfort foods such as menudo, lechon kawali, chicharon bulaklak, and more. The menu may vary every week, and orders are on a per half-kilo or per kilo basis.

Dailycious Meals

Dailycious Meals serves food good for two persons, but is also open to flexible order options. Send them a message on Facebook to ask for their menu, which they usually post a week in advance.

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Kitchen City

Frozen meals from Kitchen City are ready to heat and eat and are good for five servings. They offer a variety of pork, chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes that contain no MSG or artificial colors and flavors.

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