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Yes, You Can Totally Make A Dalgona Coffee Cocktail

What’s better than Dalgona coffee? Dalgona coffee with alcohol, that’s what.
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Thought we’ve exhausted all the ways to spin Dalgona coffee? Think again. Today, we learned that you can actually upgrade this delicious coffee concoction to make a cocktail—yes, as in with alcohol, hello.

The wonderful people at Delish, shared the this Dalgona Martini recipe, and we're *very* grateful for it. You’ll need your usual Dalgona ingredients of instant coffee, water, and sugar—whip everything together as you would with a regular Dalgona coffee. Instead of placing the finished product on top of milk, however, the recipe suggests to use a mix of equal parts of Bailey’s and vodka. Spoon a dollop of the Dalgona mix on top and enjoy! 

Watch the video here:

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Drink responsibly, people! 

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