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Oreo Truffles Will Be Your Next DIY Dessert Obsession

It only needs three ingredients!
PHOTO: YouTube/withJoshvy

Hello, food newbies! We've got another super easy recipe you'll want to make ASAP. If you're obsessed with chocolate candy and Oreo cookies, then you'll love this: Oreo Truffles! The best thing about it is that it only needs three ingredients: Chocolate sandwich cookies, Milo, and condensed milk.

The usual way to make Oreo Truffles is with cream cheese, which makes it expensive to make. Thankfully, YouTuber withJoshvy shared a super easy recipe that features condensed milk as the sticky binder. In the video, she used Cream-O, the local counterpart of Oreos here in the Philippines. But it's really your call if you which brand you opt to use. 

Basically, you just mix the crushed cookies with condensed milk, shape them into balls, chill to set, and dust with Milo as the finishing touch. It's that easy! See it to believe it by checking out the video below:

Oreo/Cream-O Truffles Recipe

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