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How To Make That Internet-Famous Whipped Coffee

You'll only need three ingredients.
PHOTO: Instagram/healthy_foodieph

Maybe you’ve seen it all over your feed, or maybe you haven’t. If you’re on TikTok though, you’ve probably seen several videos of people making whipped coffee by mixing just three ingredients with a whisk, hand mixer, or milk frother. The result? Fluffy and delicious-looking whipped coffee.

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Some call it “Dalgona Coffee”, particularly in Korea, because it looks like a popular dessert. So how do you make whipped/Dalgona coffee?

  • Mix equal parts powdered coffee, sugar, and water
  • Mix everything together using a whisk, handheld mixer, or coffee frother until you achieve that ~*whipped consistency*~
  • You can enjoy it as is or pour it over milk or ice!

Here are some videos demonstrating how to do it:

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BRB, trying this right now!

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