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Someone Invented Ice Cream That Could Help You Live Longer

Who says ice cream isn’t healthy?
PHOTO: Pixabay

Great news for all ice cream lovers out there!

Valerio Sanguigni, a professor from the University of Rome Tor Vegata, has discovered a way to make ice cream more beneficial (and healthier) for all of you!  Though the exact recipe is still being kept under wraps, his antioxidant-rich ice cream contains dark cocoa powder, hazelnut, and green tea extracts.

For his research, participants’ blood tests were taken before and after they tasted the gelato. They were also asked to pedal as fast as they possibly could on an exercise bike. Of course, some of them got a regular scoop as a placebo. Those who consumed Sanguigni’s ice cream recipe “showed a marked improvement in performance.”

Published in Nutrition, Sanguigni reported, “To our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate that a natural ice cream rich in polyphenols acutely improved vascular function and physical performance in healthy individuals through a reduction in oxidative stress.”

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He also found that farm-to-table produce weren’t necessarily better. In fact, the best sources of antioxidant properties are dried fruit (especially goji berries, red berries, and pomegranates), cocoa beans, and green tea. 

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