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Ivan Dorschner Teaches Us How To Pronounce French Cheeses

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

Apart from chocolate, what's your other guilty pleasure? We're willing to bet it's some kind of cheese. We can't blame you: Cheese always makes things better. But did you that there are so many different kinds out there? Some of them you might not even be familiar with. That's why we asked Ivan Dorschner to give us a mini tutorial on how to pronounce cheeses that are next-level from Brie or Gouda. ;)

Celebrate French month and find all the cheeses mentioned in this video at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina Elefante; STYLIST: Bela Vitug; HAIR AND MAKEUP: Martin Alonzo

Special thanks to Chef Alain Rion of Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

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