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This YouTube Channel Will Teach You How To Make Your *Fave* Korean Dishes Easily

She makes it look *so* easy to cook our faves!

I'm a sucker for YouTube videos: From room tours, study vlogs, and walk with me clips in South Korea, there's always something new for me to be obsessed with on this platform. I get excited every time there's a notif from my fave lifestyle YouTubers and I equally enjoy discovering new content, too. While scrolling through my feed, I found deliciousLee with Ara—a YouTube channel that features easy-to-follow recipes for most of our favorite Korean dishes!

What I love about Chef Ara's videos is that she clearly explains how to cook a certain dish, and even shares alternatives we can use in case we don't have certain ingredients. Her voice is so pleasant to listen to (she speaks in English and Filipino!) as well! I swear, she makes it look *so* easy that I actually found myself grabbing ingredients from my local Korean mart!

One of her most-viewed vlogs is how to make japchae, or stir-fried Korean glass noodles. She said that the key to a flavorful japchae is to add a *lot* of leeks and onions!

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Do you love snacking on gimbap? You may have already tried the usual gimbap size but there's also a bite-size version of this! It's called mayak gimbap, and it's so, so ~addictive~!

Who can forget how Itaewon Class introduced us to the hearty soup dish sundubu jigae? Yup, you can channel your inner Park Saeroyi with Chef Ara's recipe!

Remember the soy-braised eggs that Ko Moon Young likes to eat in It's Okay To Not Be Okay? It's called gyeran jang and you can make it at home! They're pretty easy to make, and you can also swap chicken eggs to quail eggs, para cute. Haha!

In Start-Up, we all ended up craving #GoodBoy Han Ji Pyeong's favorite street food: Korean corn dogs. Fun fact: In South Korea, they call it hotdogs, according to Chef Ara's vlog!

If you're a frequent diner in samgyupsal restaurants, you might have been already tasted Korean steamed egg or gyeran jjim! It's typically served in a clay pot which you can enjoy as a side dish to your meats. And yes, she also has recipes for meat dishes like bulgogi

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Chef Ara also shares her own recipe for tteokbokki and she has a saucy version and another one that's fried! Both taste good, so while you already here, why not try cooking both?

If you're going to ask me what my favorite Korean food is, that would be haemul pajeon. It's a seafood and green onion pancake and I like it best when the edges are crispy! Haemul pajeon and other types of jeons are popular Korean dishes that are usually enjoyed with alcoholic drinks, such as makgeolli and soju.

Happy cooking!

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