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5 Korean Street Food YouTube Channels That Will Make Your Mouth Water

They will leave you wishing you're in South Korea!
The best Korean street food YouTube channels
PHOTO: YouTube/FoodieBoy

If you're craving Korean street food in the middle of the night and your local Korean convenience store is closed, your next best step is to go to YouTube and wait until the next day to satisfy your ~longing~. Some YouTube channels have the most mouthwatering Korean street food videos that we're sure you're going to binge-watch in no time! From tteokbokki, kimchi mandugrilled cheese, and even how raw seafood is presented on the table, they have EVERYTHING. Here's a list for your reference:

1. FoodieBoy

You will be in awe of FoodieBoy's videos because he doesn't only show already-cooked Korean street food, he also gives behind-the-scenes, too (aka how it is prepared)! His clips go from 32cm-long ice cream to how to slice a giant octopus! (Yup, Koreans love the sea creature and there's a special dish where they are served alive.)


Are you into fried Korean street food? This is the best YouTube channel to subscribe to! ETTV (which stands for Enjoy Today TV) has a specific playlist for that and will make you want to travel to South Korea ASAP just for that oily goodness. 


3. Soon Films

You will looooove all the bread on this YouTube channel! Although Soon Films also uploads other Korean street food clips such as stir-fried tteokbokki and Oreo cotton candy, we are *secretly* saving all the Korean toasts, fish waffles, and pizza bread videos in our playlist.

4. sweetandtastyTV

For a learning experience, subscribe to sweetandtastyTV! Food and travel YouTuber Mina Oh will give you an idea not only about Korean street food, but Korean culture in general, too. Our favorite videos would be those where she goes food hunting with her super cool mom!

5. Strictly Dumpling

If you want ~real~ Koren street food reviews, Strictly Dumpling is your go-to! He shows the best places to eat in South Korea (and other countries), where you won't regret spending $$$. Don't miss out on his five-star all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in Seoul escapade, and his comparison between two bingsus (shaved ice).

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