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Where To Buy Leche Flan Doughnuts, Our Latest Dessert Obsession

How could you say no to two favorites in one?
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Facebook/The Sweet Life by Ange, Facebook/Kuh Meal

Filipino food is becoming more and more well-known around the world, and one venture that's made a mark is Kora. This New York-based, online-only doughnut bakery gives the pastry a spin by employing Filipino flavors such as champorado and ube—and in particular, their leche flan doughnuts have become a huge hit. Said to involve brioche doughnuts filled with leche cream, topped with leche flan, and sprinkled with powdered sugar, it's not hard to see why it's caught the attention of food fans. Though it's safe to say hardly anybody will be traveling to the Big Apple in the next couple of months, the good news is that a number of home bakers and businesses have come up with their own versions that you can order and get delivered.

Get your leche flan donuts from these online sellers:

Justyn CAFE

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This Las Piñas-based modern bakery concept makes what they call the 24K Leche Flan Doughnuts (P2,500/dozen)—fluffy doughnuts that have leche flan and pureed flan, then topped with gold flakes for extra oomph. You can send them a message on Instagram to get your fix.

For orders, send a message to Justyn CAFE on Instagram.

Sandybaker Pastries

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/Sandybaker Pastry Shop
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Folks in the South, you can get your leche flan doughnut fix from Sandybaker Pastries. Their Leche Flan Donuts (P250/box of four) layer together leche flan, diplomat cream, and a soft doughnut base, so you get a creamy-meets-pillowy experience that's said to be not too sweet. Simply hit up their Facebook page to order.

For orders, send a message to Sandybaker Pastries' Facebook page.

The Sweet Life by Ange

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Sweet Life by Ange
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The Sweet Life by Ange is known for their frozen brazo (dubbed the Sweet Surrender) and cinnamon rolls that come in all sorts of flavors, but they've recently come out with their own take on the leche flan doughnut trend. Their Leche Flan Love Brioche Donuts (P680/six pieces) have a brioche-doughnut base and leche flan that are adorably shaped like hearts. You can send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to try it for yourself.

For orders, send a message to The Sweet Life by Ange's Facebook or Instagram pages.


leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/Ooohbeh.atbp
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Not a fan of oily doughnuts? Check out Ooohbeh.atbp, which sells brioche doughnuts that are baked instead of fried. They've got a short-but-sweet Kora-inspired lineup that includes the Leche Flan Doughnut (P280/box of four, P380/box of six) and Halo-Halo Doughnut (P270/box of four, P370/box of six). You can also get a mixed box for P300 for four and P400 for six. You can send them a message on Instagram or Viber to place an order.

For orders, send a message to Ooohbeh.atbp on Instagram or send a Viber message to 0905-403-0508.

Pufft Doughnuts

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/Pufft Doughnuts
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Pufft makes filled and frosted doughnuts in all sorts of classic and quirky flavors, such as Lemon with Peanut Brittle and Hazelnut Chocolate Crumble. One of the more recent additions to their menu is the Leche Flan Doughnuts (P600/box of four), which has a leche puree topped with homemade leche flan. It "looks like a treat, tastes like a happy memory," they write—and we couldn't agree more. You can visit their website to order.

For orders, visit Pufft Doughnuts' website.

Em's Leche Flan

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/EM'S leche flan
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As the name implies, Em's Leche Flan specializes in leche flan—so it's only fair to expect that their take on the doughnut version would be excellent, too. Their Leche Flan Filled Doughnut (P220/six pieces, P440/dozen) has a brioche-doughnut base filled with leche flan puree, topped with whole leche flan and powdered sugar-try not to finish the whole box by yourself! You can call or text them, or send a message to their Instagram page.

For orders, contact 0905-522-4793 or send a message to Em's Leche Flan on Instagram.

Kuh Meal

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PHOTO BY Facebook/Kuh Meal
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Kuh Meal's menu includes both savory and sweet eats—among which is the Leche Flan Brioche Doughnuts (P450/box of six). These are available only on Sundays, and slots are very limited—as of writing, they're fully booked for February, but they've still got a few slots left for March. Just fill out their order form to try it for yourself.

For orders, fill out this order form. For more information, check out Kuh Meal's Instagram page.

Ube-by Cheese Pandesal

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/UBE-by Cheese Pandesal
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There's more to this purveyor than just ube cheese pan de sal, as Ube-by Cheese Pandesal now also sells 24K Leche Flan Doughnuts. Available every day, these doughnuts employ brioche doughnuts filled with a lush dulce-de-leche cream filling and homemade leche flan on top. A box of four goes for P275; just send them a message on social media to try it for yourself.

For orders, send a message to Ube-by Cheese Pandesal on Facebook or Instagram.

Kenji's Cafe

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/Kenji's Cafe
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Kenji's Cafe specializes in Ube Leche Flan Cake in different shapes and sizes, and they recently added the Leche Flan Doughnuts (P495/six pieces) to their lineup. With a heart-shaped leche flan topper resting on a powdered sugar-dusted doughnut, it's a treat to both the eyes and the tongue. You can place an order through their order form.

For orders, fill out this order form. For more information, check out Kenji's Cafe's Instagram page.

Gourmet Cravings

leche flan donuts
PHOTO BY Facebook/Gourmet cravings
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Gourmet Cravings' is best known for their cakes in a can, and lately, their Brioche Lecheflan Doughnuts (P70/piece, available in boxes of three and six), which have a buttery-soft brioche doughnut base, leche flan puree, and a pure egg-yolk based leche flan topper. Drooling yet? Just send them a message on Facebook.

For orders, send Gourmet Cravings a message on Facebook.

Check out on Viber to join their Community and subscribe to their Chatbot.