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10 Must-Try Local Fast Food Places Around Asia

Cheap, but tasty!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/yoshinoya_co_jp, (RIGHT) Instagram/cafedecoralhk

Whether you’re on a trip with family or exploring Asia solo—for business or for pleasure—a meal or two at a local fast food place should be on your itinerary. Though they probably won’t feel as ~*authentic*~ as hole-in-the-wall spots frequented by locals, it’s interesting to see how they add their own twist on usual fast food fare like burgers or fried chicken. They’re prefect for when you’re just looking for a quick bite, plus, you’ll for sure save a buck or two instead of opting for a fancy resto. Here are a few fast food you should check out on your next trip around Asia.

  1. Sushiro (Japan)

    Price: P50-P135
    Conveyor. Belt. Sushi. Must we say more?

    Most popular item: You can’t go wrong with traditional (tuna, yellowtail, etc.) and salmon sushi; but while you’re there, give their grilled eel and broiled pacific Bluefin tuna sushi a try as well.

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  2. Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Singapore; but it's also in the Philippines)

    Price: P80-P156
    We say break your fast as Singaporeans do. It’s not just their special kaya spread (made with eggs and coconut) paired with runny eggs and soya sauce that makes it so delicious. It’s the fresh toast itself that’s served crisped to perfection! 

    Most popular item: Kaya butter toast

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  3. Fairwood Fast Food (Hong Kong)

    Price: P170-P335
    Hot pot at a fast food place? Yes please! They also serve spaghetti Bolognese, honey BBQ chicken, and a wide variety of Chinese dishes including imitation shark fin soup.

    Most popular item: Ah Wood Curry Beef Brisket with Rice

  4. Yoshinoya (Japan)

    Price: P180-P380 for regular items; Deluxe Eel Bentos can set you back P815
    Yoshinoya has also long reached Philippine shores, and there’s a comfort in already knowing what to expect from a restaurant. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then give their curry, eel, and seasonal set meal offerings—menu items that aren’t available in the Philippines—a try.

    Most popular item: As their slogan suggests, they offer “Japan’s famous beef bowl!” 

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  5. Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Singapore)

    Price: P120-P500
    This halal fried chicken place is giving Jollibee and KFC a run for their money. You can get your chicken per piece, as a half spring chicken meal, or even as a whole spring chicken meal! They also offer buns and a variety of potato dishes for your carbs instead of rice.

    Most popular item: Crispy golden fried chicken!

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  6. Lotteria (South Korea)

    Price: P170-P490
    Lotteria has been dubbed the McDonald’s of South Korea. Although it started out in Japan, it became a bigger hit in the Land of the Morning Calm. And if you’re a Wannable, you’ll definitely enjoy dining at any of their over 900 outlets all over the country. *wink*

    Most popular item: Bulgogi burger

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  7. Gyoza No Ohsho (Japan)

    Price: P105-P330
    Gyoza made from scratch is the name of the game. It’s “The Soul of Ohsho,” as they say, but they also offer a variety of Chinese foods and ramen. Of course, ramen. Their menu differs from area to area, so you might find some food items in their Fukuoka branches that aren’t available in their Tokyo or Osaka branches.

    Most popular item: Gyoza

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  8. Thai Express (Singapore)

    Price: P390-P700
    They may be a fast food place—and a Singaporean one at that, but they take Thai food seriously. We mean, would you just look at that beautiful plate of pad thai? 

    Most popular item: Pad thai, Massaman chicken curry

  9. Café de Coral (Hong Kong)

    Price: P270-P470
    Don’t let the name fool you. They also offer full meals at this café, and boy do they look tasty! Oh and did we mention that their afternoon tea sets come with fried chicken?

    Most popular item: Baked pork chop with cheese and rice

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  10. Isaac Toast & Coffee (South Korea)

    Price: P115-P155
    For the perfect wake-me-up before you go out to visit majestic temples and other sights that Korea has to offer, a sandwich and a cup of coffee from Isaac Toast would do the trick. There’s usually a queue at their outlets but if you’re patient enough, you will be rewarded with good food…and maybe even a cute new Korean oppa that you’ll meet while waiting in line? A girl can dream!

    Most popular item: Bulgogi MVP, Bacon best

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