Local Food Faves with a Twist

Want to see the palate-tickling treats we got to taste at Sentro 1771?

If there's one thing we Pinay Cosmo chicks should be proud of, it's our heritage of culinary smarts. Whether it's your mom, lola, or tita who brings in the bestseller dishes during get-togethers and reunions, there's always a designated family kitchen expert. And if there's anything that we're up for, it's traditional things made hip with a modern reinvention.

One such spot that does this is Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3, Makati, which has been cooking up local favorites since 2002, made contemporary with a fresh approach to presentation and ingredients as well as sauces and condiments.

Take, for instance, their most popular menu offering, the Sinigang na Corned Beef. Did you know that they actually cure the beef themselves? The result: extra tender and more flavorful beef. We also found it a nice touch how they'd let us sample the broth first so we could adjust the sourness to our liking.

Other dishes we got to sample were the sizzling tofu (a healthier alternative to the sinful pork variety), fried kesong puti, fresh smoked fish spring rolls, rated GG, catfish Sentro style, and crispy pork ribs. All while sipping on refreshing beverages like sago't gulaman and fresh ripe mango shake!

For dessert, we especially enjoyed the fried suman and mangoes (served with coco jam!), coffee bean sans rival, and Sentro cheesecake (which actually fooled us--we thought it was leche flan!).

Want to see the palate-tickling treats we got to taste at Sentro 1771? Launch the gallery now!

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