Make Your Own Cup Of Starbucks Coffee Anywhere, Instantly

Enjoying a cup of good coffee just became more convenient. Beginning today, September 15, you can buy Starbucks instant coffee in all their branches nationwide!

A lot of you, hardworking Cosmo chicks, probably can’t function properly without having at least one cup of coffee each day. So you've also probably had your own share of instant coffee woes (bland taste, anyone?). Now you can say goodbye to foul-tasting instant coffee or too long walks to the nearest Starbucks branch just to enjoy a good cup (especially since you can't always shell out P100 each day for that). You can make your own cup of Starbucks coffee in your own office cube, before a meeting, at your breakfast table, in the library, or even while you travel. And yes, for less than a hundred bucks a cup!

Rustan Coffee Corporation, the sole licensee of Starbucks Coffee in the Philippines, launched today, September 15, the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew throughout Starbucks stores in the Philippines.  Starbucks VIA is Starbucks’ latest coffee innovation: instant coffee that has the effect, smoothness, rich aroma, and bold flavor of Starbucks coffee.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, which is 100 percent natural roasted arabica coffee in an instant and micro ground form, was 20 years in the making. They used super advanced secret technology to preserve the coffee's taste. After making waves in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan, it’s hitting Philippine shores today!

The Cosmo team was among the first to try it yesterday, when Starbucks held a Taste Challenge. They asked us to tell the difference between a cup of brewed coffee and a cup of Starbucks VIA. There was amazingly very little difference, if at all!

Beginning today, this can be your daily coffee on the go. Enjoy Starbucks Italian Roast or Colombia coffee anytime, anywhere at P130 for a pack of three sticks and P450 for a box of 12 (P470 for Decaf Italian Roast).

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