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McDo's Iced Coffee Chocolate: Is It Worth The Hype?

Love ba namin 'to?

When McDonald's dropped their latest creationthe Iced Coffee Chocolate—in February 2020, people had mixed feelings.

Was it going to taste like their regular iced coffee just with a pump of chocolate syrup? Or was it going to taste more like a chocolate drink with the slight bitterness of coffee? Pinoys didn't know what to expect, which is why we just had to try it as soon as possible. 


Our Honest Reviews Of McDo's Iced Coffee Chocolate:


I'm not picky when it comes to my coffee—I'll literally drink any type of coffee. When I'm in McDo, I usually order plain iced coffee. Anything else is too sweet for me. I don't drink black coffee unless I'm eating something intensely sweet. I won't spend anything over P200 for coffee. As in, masama na loob ko 'pag over P150 na yung kape ko at wala ako sa hotel.

I gotta say I *love* this new drink. I love cafe mochas, in general. I honestly like how this is a ~watered-down~ version of those expensive mochas from coffee shops. It's delicious. I'd love it even more if they add just a bit more caffeine for an instant kick. (Though honestly, the sugar is enough to keep you up, LOL.) 


Let me start this off by saying that I'm not a (regular) coffee drinker. Unlike most people, it's not something that I *need* every day. But when I'm puyat, I need a caffeine kick to fully function. During those days, I usually order sweet coffee drinks that mask the bitterness of caffeine. Since minsan lang naman, I splurge a little bit and spend around P150 to P200 for orders. 

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Sa first sip ko nung bagong Iced Coffee Chocolate ng McDo, medyo na-overwhelm ako kasi nalasahan ko agad yung kape. But, when I stirred it a little, nawala naman yung bitterness taste so mas na-enjoy ko na. This drink reminds me of their Hot Chocolate actually, so I really enjoyed it. TBH, this is my favorite out of all the Iced Coffee flavors that they currently have—it’s sweet and sakto lang yung coffee taste.


I usually order Sweet Black from McDonald's and Iced Mocha from Starbucks. I am thrilled that McDo now carries Iced Coffee Chocolate because it could be the more affordable alternative to my favorite Starbucks drink. I'm not a fan of spending my hard-earned sweldo on fancy coffee every day. 

First sip pa lang, I forgot about Sweet Black. I think the Iced Coffee Chocolate is perfect for those who aren't into coffee that much but they still want a caffeine kick. It tastes more chocolate than hardcore kape, but I'm super fine with it! It reminds me of the elusive McDonald's Hot Chocolate; I don't mind the extra sugar, too. TL;DR: I love it!!!



I'm not really that big on coffee (I usually just get a normal iced coffee or those three-in-one packs, LOL!) but I do ~*love*~ chocolate, so I was beyond excited to test McDonald's newest chocolate-flavored iced coffee. I usually allow myself to spend up to P100 on coffee, so the price of McDo's latest offering was right up my alley. 

When I took my first sip, all I tasted was the chocolate with just a tiny bit of caffeine. The latter kicked in a little bit later, and I found myself continuously taking a sip every few minutes until I finished the entire thing in less than an hour (a record for me)! It was an enjoyable experience, and as a chocolate lover, I would def order this drink again!

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