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There's Now A Way To Make Milk Chocolate Just As Healthy As Dark Chocolate

Thank you, science!
PHOTO: Pixabay

Everyone and their mothers keep saying that when it comes to chocolate, always go for the dark kind. "It's healthier." *eye roll*

Not anymore! Scientists—our personal heroes—have found a way to give milk chocolate the same nutritional benefits as dark chocolate, and they did this without changing its taste. 

Researchers from North Carolina State University took phenolic compounds—the stuff that gives dark chocolate its antioxidant propertyfrom peanut skins, combined it with maltodextrin (an articifial sweetener), and added it to milk chocolate. 80 participants were given normal milk chocolate and one that had the peanut extract, and found that they liked both the same amount. 

Still, scientists aren't sure about how people with peanut allergies will react to this kind of product. 

Until then, screw the rules—enjoy that Crunch bar. 

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