Mocktails That Could've Fooled You

Beat the heat this summer with these delish virgin cocktails!

Happy April Fool’s Day, Cosmo girls! Summer is officially here and it’s time to go out and play.

With the sun blazing and the beach calling, you’ll want to keep yourself hydrated with a refreshing drink or two. Water’s too boring (but necessary—so keep a bottle with you anyway) and an alcoholic beverage may be too strong for a morning drink, so why not mix it up a bit by indulging in a delicious virgin cocktail?

We visited Buddha Bar Manila and were taken to tropical paradise when we tasted their signature mocktails. Ask for these mixes next time you visit!

Fresh lime, fresh ginger, cinnamon syrup, apple juice, ginger ale

Cranberry juice, melon syrup, mixed seasonal fresh fruit

Pineapple juice, orange juice, banana juice, mango juice, yoghurt

Milk, yoghurt, sugar syrup, mixed berries

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