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Meatless Is Not Bland! 5 Myths About Plant-Based Food, Debunked

Yes, meat-free dishes can be super flavorful!
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There are so many unfounded opinions and biases against plant-based food and they’re holding you back from giving it a try. But if you’re reading this, chances are you want to check it out or are curious about the ~tea~ on going meat-free.

Let’s set the record straight, and who knows, you might find yourself enjoying plant-based food more than you think!

5 myths about plant-based food you need to stop believing:

Myth #1: Plant-based cuisine is all veggies and salads

One of the main reasons people are wary of a plant-based diet is because they think it has many “restrictions.” First of all, plant-based cuisine is not all salads (the “plant” in “plant-based” might be giving you that impression). 

Aside from veggies, you can eat fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and even plant-based proteins like the ones by Veega. This local food brand offers plant-based, meat alternatives formulated for the Filipino palate that are easy to prepare, fully cooked, and super affordable! You don’t have to scour the metro to shop for them as they’re available in local supermarkets and online.

For beginner-friendly options, check out the plant-based Veega Meat-Free Adobo Flakes and Veega Meat-Free Giniling. The first one you can simply pair with freshly cooked rice, while the latter can be made into plant-based versions of familiar favorites like arroz ala Cubana and spaghetti bolognese.

Myth #2: Plant-based food is bland

Preparing food is an art form, and a big part of that is choosing the right ingredients that will make your meal delicious. This goes for plant-based cuisine, too, as many mouthwatering meat alternatives are already available in the market.

For breakfast, try the flavorful and tender Veega Meat-Free Sausage, a nutrient-rich, plant-based alternative to hotdogs. Another is the savory Veega Meat-Free Tapa, which you can use to make a plant-based version of the classic Filipino breakfast. Add a side of greens and a cup of rice, and you probably won’t even know the difference.

Myth #3: Plant-based food lacks protein and other nutrients

Your body needs protein — that’s just a fact — but eating meat isn’t the only way to get it. There are so many plant-based sources of protein, and some say that a plant-based diet may help you feel full for longer thanks to its fiber-rich content.

Aside from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that have these essential nutrients, add a plant-based, meat alternative such as Veega Meat-Free Burger Patty and Veega Meat-Free Balls to your meals. These have protein and fiber, and can be incorporated into so many plant-based recipes.

Myth #4: Plant-based recipes are difficult to cook

Going meatless may seem overwhelming at first, but it's really about learning to adapt your favorite recipes or trying new ones. The more you keep trying out plant-based recipes, the easier you get a handle on what ingredients you prefer and what dishes suit your taste.

If you're a fan of K-food, check out the Veega ready-to-eat line featuring flavorful Korean-inspired dishes. Try the plant-based Veega Meat-Free Bulgogi or the plant-based Veega Meat-Free Spicy Soy Garlic Balls. Just pop them in the microwave and dig in! Easy, right?

Myth 5: Plant-based food is so expensive

You may have gotten this idea from restaurants and specialty food shops, but keep in mind that meals made at home can be adjusted to your budget. And with plant-based meals, you wouldn’t need to have meat, one of the priciest items in the supermarket.

For something easy and affordable, try the plant-based Veega Meat-Free Nuggets! They're crispy and flavorful in every bite and are priced at P120 for 200 grams. If you want a more traditional Filipino ulam, go for plant-based Veega Meat-Free Tocino, priced at only P125 for 160 grams. These are sulit for your budget and your diet.

Don’t miss out on plant-based food options all because of these myths! With Veega, there is no compromise when you go meat-free.

Enjoy food that’s #MmmeatyWithoutTheMeat! It's time to #MmmakeItMeaty with #Veega. Veega is available on Lazada, Shopee, and San Miguel Mart. For more information, follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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