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17 Things Only Matakaw Couples Will Understand

You never have dumb fights because you guys are NEVER hangry.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. You know how to make each other really, really happy.

And all it takes is opening your foodpanda account.

2. You avoid dumb fights because you're never hangry.

Seriously though. How many times did you get annoyed, want to break up with your S.O., finally get your food, and want to make out right after?

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3. You're both pretty easy to please.

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When you have everything you need (french fries, chips, Potato Corner, and each other while watching Netflix), it's easy to put all your other problems in perspective.

4. You're never shy about eating in front of each other.

You never feel obligated to meekly say, "OMG, I'm so bad," every time you eat an onion ring. You eat and do whatever you fucking want.

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5. You get real with each other.

You've seen it all—bloated food coma tummies, parsley in teeth, chocolate on lips. When all those things are cute to you, you know you're in love.

6. You show real support by leaving no craving ignored.

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You never have that problem where you're hungry, but your partner isn't, so you go to bed painfully dissatisfied. Your bae knows the random 12 a.m. need for Oreos all too well and is therefore always empathetic to your needs.

7. You would never betray each other like this:

You know better.

8. When you go out to eat, it's an event.

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You'll never be that sad couple both on their phones. Nothing about eating or food is passive for you, so when those wings come, you are both focused (on dinner and each other.)

9. You're on the same page when you cook together.

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You'll look to each other, smile, and add an extra stick of butter to the recipe.

10. You'll know each other's most intimate food pet peeves.

You always get extra fries.

11. You also learn to share.

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Before you dated, your love of food made you a little protective of your plate. Since then, you've become a slightly more generous person.

12. You never feel bad about wasting food.

You'll always have that person eyeing your plate and willing to finish the job for you.

13. You both understand the struggle with diets.

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Diets suck, as an overall experience. They suck even more when you date someone who doesn't get your cheese lust and makes you feel bad for it. Your food-loving partner will 100 percent let you vent about missing soda.

14. You know that food = energy, which = more sex.

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Barring five-course dinners where you writhe on the couch after, your quick pasta fixes are really just stocking up on carbs for a different kind of workout.

15. Your place never runs out of snacks.


Even if you don't live together, you each know to keep your shelves full of options.

16. You're in harmony about something you do three to five times a day.


You both value food the same way and will never have the issue of one person eating "just to be full" while you are actively motivated and inspired by mozzarella sticks.

17. The worst part of your relationship isn't so bad.

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Yeah, it takes you multiple episodes of Riverdale to decide on your takeout order, but you'll always make it through the most trying times.

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