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Overnight Oats: The Easiest And Healthiest Breakfast Idea Ever

No time to make breakfast in the morning? No problem!
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We're convinced that overnight oats are God's way of saying, "I won't let you starve just because you can't cook." Or don't have time to cook, or just too lazy to cook. Whichever category you fall under, overnight oats will always come to your resuce. If you're not sure what they are, they're just oats soaked overnight (duh) that absorb the liquid you put them in—usually milk, milk alternatives, or yogurt.

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The key to that is getting the correct mixture. If the ratio is off, the oats will absorb all the liquid and be too creamy OR they'll be too malapot. One trick is putting double the amount of liquid per cup of oats. So if you put in half a cup of oats, you'll need a cup of milk. Another thing you have to keep in mind is the type of oats you can use. Instant oats won't work because they'll drown in all that liquid overnight. Always use "rolled out oats."

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You can add any topping you like: seeds, fruits, peanut butter, pudding. But it's important to only add them right before you decide to eat them (or right before you leave the house). Add a little bit of salt to give the entire meal a flavorful boost! 

You can put them in mason jars when you decide to bring them to work as baon. Don't forget to Instagram! 

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