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There's A Cafe In Makati That Looks Like A Glass House & It Has Unique Options For Coffee Lovers

They have ginger-infused coffee made with homemade chocolate milk!

The quarantine period has given us coffee lovers a whole new list of cafes to visit and more unique drinks to try. If you're ever in Makati City and you find yourself needing a caffeine fix, drop by Papakape.

Papakape is a small cafe founded on the phrase "papa-kape ako" ("I'll make you coffee" or "I'll serve you coffee"). The cafe looks like a tiny glass house, it's so ~aesthetic~. In the morning, it gets a lot of natural light and at night, it's illuminated by fluorescent lights. And what's special about Papakape are their unique drinks. Their signature beverages combine coffee and tea with ginger! 

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They have the Iced Coco Latte (P120), a sweet, milky, and ginger-infused coffee that's made with coco milk, ginger, and topped with panucha toffee. They also offer the Kape Gingerccino (P90), which is a ginger-infused coffee topped with coco froth and cinnamon. If you love mocha, try the Choco Mochaluya (P90) which is ginger-infused coffee made with homemade chocolate milk.

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Do you love drinking salabat even if you're not feeling sick? Check out the Blue Ginger Salabat (P70), a tea with blue pea flowers, lemon, and honey, and the Fruity Iced Salabat (P120) which is iced oolong-ginger tea mixed with slices of passion fruit, apple, orange, and pineapple. 

Papakape is located at 5641 Ampere Street, Palanan, Makati City. (Editor's note: the cafe has limited outdoor seating and street parking is available.) For more information, follow Papakape on Facebook.

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