The 7 Best Food Shows On Netflix, According To Pinays

Warning: Watching these will make you *super* hungry.
PHOTO: The Chef Show/Netflix

Foodie friends, there is *so* much delicious content available for streaming online rn. From cooking competitions to hosts traveling while looking for the best eats, Netflix has a pretty extensive list of titles for you to binge-watch. Whether you're looking for recipe ideas or just want something new to sink your teeth into (pun intended), we asked Pinays in our Cosmo Mixers Facebook group to share their current fave food shows. Enjoy!

1. Somebody Feed Phil

"It's told from the point of view of a lovable Jewish boomer who describes himself as [someone] "like Anthony Bourdain, but afraid of everything."" – Ti

"[I] don't even know how to start describing Phil and his brand of food and travel. The new season made me cry. Always so genuine. Always so natural and endearing. An overall positive energy that makes food, fun, family, and travel relatable and familiar yet eye-opening and educational." – Nicole

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2. Chef’s Table: France

"Chef’s Table: France would be one of the best shows! [It] gives you an understanding on how chefs choose, prepare, and create a dish worthy of a michelin star." – Trisha

3. Nadiya’s Time to Eat

"She makes everything seem so easy with her easy hacks, so you can enjoy some homemade goodness even if you’re strapped for time. Plus, she’s cheery and cute!" – Mariane

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4. Restaurants on the Edge

"They work on mga hole in the wall restos that need a business/design/menu lift. It's not 100% food but inaabangan ko lagi yung new menu that they come up with, hehe." – Anya

5. The Chef Show

"The Chef Show with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi. Every episode ang sarap panoorin and gusto mo lutuin the next day, hahaha." – Anya

"You'll get to watch Jon and Roy recreate famous recipes like the grilled cheese sandwich from Chef (2014). Plus, Jon Favreau has invited several of his celebrity friends as guests—some of the Avengers cast (Gwyneth Paltrow in episode 1, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland in episode 2) made an appearance in Season 1!" – Andie

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6. The Final Table

"[I] love seeing talented chefs from around the world recreate signature dishes of other countries with their own unique styles. The judges are always a good mix of food enthusiasts, critics/writers, and pop culture icons of the country being featured. Hoping for more seasons!" – Tasha

7. Ugly Delicious

"Ugly Delicious provides less biased opinions about food. You don't see the host liking and loving everything." – Karen


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