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The Prettiest Pink Drinks In Metro Manila

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/buddhabarmnl, (RIGHT) Instagram/alegriamnl

Brightly colored cocktails have a misguided reputation for being “girly” drinks, but those who believe that school of thought have clearly never tried a Weng-Weng in their life. As the competition among bars have gotten even more critical, it’s also given us party animals a more widespread cocktail menu, ranging from experimental flavors, unique twists on classic cocktails, to standout presentations. Below, pink, IG-worthy, and not-so-girly libations around Manila we promise you won’t regret in the morning.

  1. Off With Their Heads

    WHERE: Run Rabbit Run
    We dare you to say the name of this cocktail with feeling (imagine all your exes lined up in front of get the idea) when you give your order to the bartender. This move-on-he’s-not-worth-it cocktail combines whiskey and red wine, plus a splash of blueberry juice for a strong, rich, and fruity finish.

  2. Lipstick Note

    WHERE: The Back Room
    No guts to slip your number to the absolute snacc hanging by the bar? Take a swig of liquid courage in the form of the Lipstick Note from The Back Room, currently ranking at 50 in Asia’s Best Bars 2019. This gin cocktail teases a fruity, sour, and spicy flavor profile and is made even cheekier by clipping a conversation starter to convince you to make the first move.

  3. The 20th Visionary

    WHERE: Buddha-Bar Manila
    You’re not quite into strong cocktails, but that’s exactly why you’ll enjoy sipping on The 20th Visionary at Buddha-Bar Manila. This light cocktail combines the flavors of gin, raspberry shrub, and the citrus essence of oleo saccharum to refresh your mood, convince you to dance, and still make you last through the night.

  4. Maracuja

    WHERE: Alegria Cozinha Moderna
    Maracuja, or “passionfruit” in Portuguese, is the distinct flavor you can expect from this white wine sangria. Add the sweetness of pineapple, the tartness of cranberry, and the smokiness of rum, and you have yourself a perfect drink to unwind with after a long day at the office. Round up the girls!

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  5. Snapple Lady

    WHERE: Yes Please
    Brandy is rarely any millennial’s first choice when it comes to liquor. Rappers talk about “Henny” in their songs all the time, but you just don’t get the hype. Ease your way into the liquor with Yes Please’s Snapple Lady—it compliments cognac with Mexican tepache, lime, basil, and fire water, aka liquor with high alcohol content that can get you shitfaced. Yes, please.

  6. Kiss From A Rose

    WHERE: Studio 28
    Sure, roses are red, but the crafty mixologists of Studio 28 turned this drink into a certified hot pink, made with rose liqueur and gin, topped with rose air bubbles. Rose. Air. Bubbles. Before you say WTF, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried Kiss From A Rose. This cocktail deserves an IG post all on its own and is sure to serve looks at the bar.

  7. Beerkilla Reaper

    WHERE: Almacen
    Why choose between having beer or a margarita when you can have both? The Beerkilla Reaper is a slushie cocktail that combines two classic evening libations to help you keep a cool head as you go about your Poblacion bar crawl. Slow-drink it like a regular cocktail or keep things interesting by taking it as a shot with your friends. Never Have I Ever, anyone?

  8. Lady in Red

    WHERE: Ms. Gee
    You’ve probably tried the Chinese delicacy kiamoy at least once in your childhood, which is why you might get nostalgic when you try Lady in Red. This choice cocktail from Ms. Gee is a fusion of traditional whiskey sour and Oriental flavors, made with kiamoy-infused whiskey, and red kiamoy lemon and shaken with egg white to give its frothy top.

  9. Pink Slip

    WHERE: The Bank Bar
    Pink slips are an old-fashioned way telling employees that they’re fired. It’s the last thing you’d ever want to receive at the office, but it’s the first thing you’d definitely want to order while you’re at the Bank Bar. Make an ironic toast to getting your first job with this tequila-based tipple that’s loaded with raspberry, grapefruit, barrel-aged apple cider vinegar, and a pink peppercorn kick.

  10. One Fine Day

    WHERE: Studio 28
    No, it wouldn’t be redundant at all to sip on One Fine Day on one fine day, simply because you deserve it. If gin martinis are right up your alley, then this classy variant made with artisanal vermouth and homemade smoke bitters is sure to hit the spot. The coolest part? The block of ice in the drink encases botanicals that enhances the flavor as it melts.

  11. Litchi

    WHERE: Alegria Cozinha Moderna
    White wine addicts have yet another reason to head over to Alegria. Based from its name, you can take a good guess as to what one of the key ingredients of this cocktail is. Litchi is a white wine and vodka mix and infused with elderflower and—you guessed it—the sweet, juicy flavor of lychee, that’ll help you wind down with your BFFs, taking you from one juicy kwento to another.

  12. Rosa de Ron

    WHERE: Buddha-Bar Manila
    If you think you should only drink after a meal, you’ve probably never had an ~aperitif~, which is essentially a cocktail to whet your appetite just in time for dinner. The Rosa de Ron is a delicious pre-game, made with rose, bitters, sweet vermouth, and light rum—the perfect concoction to anticipate what’s to come for the rest of the evening.

  13. Gin & Frolic

    If you don’t want to overwhelm your date by showing him how much you can drink (especially when it’s only the first date!), order a dainty cocktail, like the Gin & Frolic from ABKD. This gin concoction combines the flavors lychee, cranberry, and lime for a refreshing drink you can talk over while figuring out if swiping right on this guy was actually worth it.

  14. Sandrapolitan

    WHERE: Polilya
    As one of the original, if not most popular, pink drinks out there, the Cosmopolitan may seem like a “girly” drink, but it’s actually a strong AF cocktail you can easily get a buzz from. The Sandrapolitan is no different, and if you’re old fashioned and prefer your drinks classy, vodka-based, and served in a martini glass, this Polilya favorite is an excellent choice.

  15. Kimchi Sour

    WHERE: The Odd Seoul
    Just like gin and tonics, sour cocktails are making a comeback in new and unique spectrums of flavor you wouldn’t expect, like the Kimchi Sour from speakeasy bar The Odd Seoul. You probably can’t imagine kimchi in a cocktail, but if you add soju, amaretto, lemon juice plus a sprinkle of dried rose on top, it creates a heady tipple with a bold flavor and just a touch of heat.  

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