7 Of The Prettiest Local Desserts

Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!
PHOTO: Instagram/scoutshonorph

Get your hands on the most photogenic—and absurdly delicious—treats in Manila, and reap those Insta likes! Seriously though... worth all the calories. 

1. Cynfully Sweets

Double tap. No hesitation.

It’s indulgent before you even take a bite.

Even the cake's drooling, you guys.

2. The Little Whisk

Is this a dream, or what?

Dessert sushi? What could be better? Literally nothing.

3. Pufft Marshmallows

This is next level.

Little bites of heaven!

We feel the force. 

4. Pouf Cotton Candy

Should be legally obliged to Instagram this.

May the force be with you!

And getting caught in the raaain...

5. DewDew Cake

How curious are you?

There's something pretty special happening here.

6. Freezer Burn

Is this what love looks like?


Be still, my heart.

7. Scout's Honor

How much cream is too much? (The limit does not exist.)

BRB, weeping.

Divine act of dessert god.

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