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Problems Only Foodie Couples Will Understand

When you just love each other so much, but of course, not as much as food.

We believe that all couples are secret foodies. There's a good reason why dates involve eating 90% of the time and that's because most of us find eating as the best way to keep relationships stronger. But if you think it's easy for couples to find the perfect place to eat and what meal they should devour together, you're very, very, verrry wrong.

It takes you forever to decide where to eat.

"No, I want to try this restaurant!" is something you hear and say a little bit too often. When you're a foodie, you just want to try every single place and agreeing on one place is no easy feat.

Finding the right angle to take photos.

Do I take the photo from here? Do you think anyone would mind if I stand on the chair? Can we eat outside for better lighting? Before you know it, your food has already turned cold but hey, at least you have a hundred photos to choose from now.

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Describing and talking about food.

When the two of you start to describe your food and you get so into it, no one really understands. Or when the people you're with are just trying to enjoy their meal but you notice all the little things like how sometimes the crust is too dry, or the sauce is too thick but only the two of you carry the burden of knowing.

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