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10 Restaurants That Make Banawe Street A Foodie's Paradise

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Northerners have long known that Banawe Street in Quezon City is a prime destination for an excellent meal. But now it’s high time that the rest of the metro understand exactly what they’re missing when they overlook this food paradise. If you want some truly comforting food without the bells and whistles of the eateries in hipper neighborhoods, do yourself a favor and explore the many offerings of Banawe Street. Here are some of our favorite spots in the area.

  1. Bugis Singapore Street Food

    Location: 78 Nicanor Roxas St.
    The design of this restaurant is deceptively simple, with its no-fuss plastic furniture and plain walls. However, what it lacks in interior decoration, it more than makes up for with flavor. Here, every dish packs a punch. And even bettereverything is fairly priced. Everything from the Singaporean Laksa, to the Hainanese Chicken, to the skewers of Fried Tofu, and even the Lobster Rolls, are less than P200 per order.

  2. Le Ching Tea House

    Location: 888 Banawe St., corner Del Monte Avenue
    Reservations aren’t taken at Le Ching Tea House, so be sure to come in at off-peak hours, or be prepared for a bit of a wait during busier times. And while this restaurant is not known for their speedy service, the wait for the food just might be worth it. Everything here is cooked with love: tender and full of flavor. Be sure to try the Spare Ribs with Chili Garlic Sauce!

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  3. Uniku

    Location: 1115, 237 Banawe St.
    Craving for authentic Taiwanese food? Try Uniku’s homemade grub made from fresh ingredients. Here, you can get a wide range of filling rice meals, a variety of steamed or pan-fried dumplings, and a whopping seven different flavors of mantao (the soft steamed bread that feels like a cloud in your mouth). Moreover, you can purchase their food wholesale, meaning you can keep frozen packs of your favorite meals for the days you can’t make it to Banawe Street.

  4. Coral Garden Restaurant

    Location: 96 Banawe St.
    Since 1978, this restaurant has been serving up mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Perfect for family-style meals, Coral Garden is known for its Crispy Bean Curd in House Special Black Sauceso be sure to get a couple orders so that everyone can get a taste!

  5. Manu Mano

    Location: 755 Banawe, corner Scout Oscar M. Alcaraz St.
    For baked artisanal goods every day of the week, go to Manu Mano, a new bakery that resets the bar for classic Filipino breads like pan de sal, and international favorites like sourdough. This store just opened in August 2019, so it is as modern as bakeries gets. If you can’t make it all the way to Banawe Street, you can pre-order bread online and have a courier service bring it to you.

  6. Shiok Shiok

    Location: 81 Nicanor Roxas St.
    This Singaporean restaurant will satisfy all your hawker center cravings. Not only does the food mirror the smokey wok taste of an authentic hawker meal, but the decor of the restaurant also reflects Singaporean Chinatown design sensibilities. Perhaps the only difference is that Shiok Shiok is air conditioneda pleasant upgrade from the sweltering eateries in Singapore.

  7. Chef Robert

    Location: Unit D, 847, Banawe Avenue, corner Linaw St.
    Chef Robert is the home of Filipino comfort food on Banawe Street. Despite its ability to satisfy its customers’ cravings for classic homegrown meals, this restaurant also innovates new dishes such as Sweet Corn Fritters (made of kernels lightly covered in tempura batter, and fried) and Bicol Express Pasta (spaghetti in a pork, coconut milk, and bagoong sauce).

  8. Ramen Shokudo

    Location: 401 Banawe St., Santa Mesa Heights
    Opened a couple of years ago, Ramen Shokudo arrived into the Banawe Street food scene with a splash. Here, they serve authentic Japanese ramenwith many of the elements of the dish made in-house. Try the Toriton Shoyua dish that strikes the perfect balance between subtle and savory, dense and tender.

  9. Harvesters Vegetarian

    Location: 880 Banawe St.
    Meat-free folks rejoice! Harvesters Vegetarian offers a mouthwatering array of Filipino and Chinese food, without the hassle of having to explain your dietary needs to a bewildered server. While some of the dishes have egg, vegans also have a lot of options here (just be sure to ask the knowledgeable staff what’s what). The best part? You can have a truly affordable meal here, with the Bento boxes being less than P120 for rice, two choices of ulam, pancit, and a drink.

  10. Crepeman

    Location: 84 Maria Clara St. 
    For those with a sweet tooth, Crepeman offers dessert crepes smothered in ice cream and fruit, with compatible milk teas to boot. But even if you’re not into the sweet stuff, don’t worry. They’ve got savory crepes too!


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