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Where To Buy Unique ~Savory~ Cakes If You're Looking For Something Different

We want them all!
Savory Cakes
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/bytheplattr, Facebook/Kaye's Table

In case you haven't noticed, a lot of Pinoys have really been working their sweet tooth this quarantine. (There's actually a *legit* explanation for this, BTW). All the Instagram shops selling different kinds of sweets are not helping, too—they all look so good! But, in case you're nauumay na, we're here to introduce to you a different kind of treat. Enter: Savory cakes, because sometimes, we just want our ulam in cake form. Ahead, some online stores that sell your next craving:


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Kaye's Table

Follow them: Kaye's Table

Nothing screams ~Filipino birthday party~ more than pancit and lumpiang shanghai. But Kaye's Table actually took this to the next level and created a Special Pancit Cake, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like—the pancit is surrounded by tons of lumpia! You can choose from your choice of pancit, too: canton, bihon, sotanghon, or palabok fiesta. Plus, you get to choose whether you want pork or chicken lumpia!

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Price: P1,300 (good for six to eight people), P1,500 (good for five to 10 people)

By The Plattr

Follow them: @bytheplattr

For your next wine and cheese night, wine not (sorry, we had to) have them with some caviar pie on the side? By The Plattr's Smoked Salmon Caviar Cake uses the freshest and most premium ingredients, so you can be sure that eating this will definitely be an ~experience~. They also sell cold cuts and cheese platters that will make the Tita in you *very* happy.

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Price: P1,400 (4.5 inches), P3,000 (7 inches)

Sushi Nori

Ahhh, yes. Before the famous sushi bake, there was the equally-as-delicious sushi cake. It has layers of rice, salmon or tuna, mangoes, and cucumbers drenched in sauce or Kewpie mayonnaise. Sushi Nori offers six varieties: Classic, Pink, Spicy, and Veggie. Yum!

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Price: Starts at P999

The Thai Plate

Follow them: @thethaiplate

If you're looking something with more texture, go for this mouth-watering dish from The Thai Plate. It has deep-fried pork with sticky rice that's topped with some cilantro and chili for that *extra* kick. (P.S. They also offer mango sticky rice cake if you're craving for some dessert, too!)

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Price: P1,200


Follow them: @ciboph

CIBO's Rigatoni Torta al Telefono is honestly what pasta dreams are made of. Created in celebration of CIBO's 23 years in the business, this DIY cake has all the ingredients in containers so you can easily create it for your next family night. If you're a pasta lover, then you definitely need this in your wishlist!

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Price: P1,997

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