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Have You Been To 'The Cheese Room' aka Paradise?

Hello, is it Brie you’re looking for?
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino, Chira Dela Cruz

In celebration of French National Day this month, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is highlighting over 200 different types of cheese at Spiral’s L’Epicerie!

They also have six types of butter in the cheese room that we assumed would go with the bread you’ll be scarfing down while sampling the cheeses, but nope! Chef Lourdel Bautista said that butter actually goes well with hard cheeses like Manchego, Cheddar, and Gouda.

Although there’s no science behind wine and cheese pairings, it definitely doesn’t hurt to know the basics. Bloomy rind cheeses like Neufchâtel go best with red wine. Blue cheeses, with its intense flavor, can be accompanied by sweet wine. And cheeses that are on the salty side, like Goat cheese, are balanced with a glass of white wine!

"Parlez-vous français? (Do you speak French?)” We can sure say camembert ("kam-uh m-bair")!

For more information on Sofitel’s French Month Specials, visit their Facebook page. 

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