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Can You Believe Someone Had The *Genius* Idea Of Combining Pares, Ramen, *And* Steak?

All of your favorites in one dish!

If you're already planning post-pandemic weekend trips with your friends, you should definitely consider adding Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant to your list. Mouse Hole is a newly opened resto in Batangas that boasts cheesy items on the menu.

Photo by Facebook/Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant

It's the first "cheese bar" in Batangas and they offer a DIY cheese board, steak with raclette cheese on top, bite-sized chicken thigh that you can dip in cheese fondue, and sisig with melted cheese sauce. They also offer cheesy bowls of pasta, salads, tortillas, sandwiches, appetizers, and rice bowls on the menu.

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Photo by Facebook/Jayzar Recinto of Hello Lipa

This place could very well be considered a heaven for all cheese fans, but what really caught our eye is a dish that combines three famous dishes in one: the Steak Pares Ramen.

Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant's Steak Pares Ramen (P240) is not your typical pares dish. They used tender steak slices and served them on top of noodles swimming in pares sauce. Just like ramen, this dish is served with poached egg. Just like any pares rice meal, it's sprinkled with fried garlic bits on top.

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If you love steak, pares, or ramen (or all three!), then this special dish is all the more reason you should add this cheese bar to your post-pandemic itinerary.

Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant is located at Grovepark Commercial Center, JP Laurel Highway, Barangay Santiago, Batangas. They are open daily from 11 a.m to 10 p.m. Contact (0927) 272-1586 for inquiries and reservations.

Follow Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant on Facebook for more information.


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