This Lovely Cafe In Q.C. Serves All Your Favorite Comfort Foods

If you don't believe us, go and see for yourself!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/igig_not_gigi, (RIGHT) Instagram/armifernandez

Stories by Lilypad has only been open for a month, and they’re already getting so many positive reviews! It’s located on Times St. West Triangle in Quezon City, so don’t fret, North girls—it’s right around the corner.

The cafe has a gorgeous outside patio, making it a perfect hangout for those who want to take advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately.

The menu extends well beyond the usual cafe treats, although they have sweets as well. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Tomato Soup deserves a special mention, and it’d be a sin to skip the Grilled Chicken & Lime Pesto Pasta. And if you’re ever craving fried chicken, this is where you need to go.

About those desserts…

Remember the good ol' days when desserts used to be sweet and simple, and not some ridiculous balancing act you can't even eat? 

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