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Broke But Busog: This Bowl Of Spicy Wagyu Noodles Is Too Good Not To Try

And it's only P278!
PHOTO: Ysa Singson

Few noodle spots have the ability to transport you to Hong Kong with every bite, but Taikoo HK Roast has managed to do just that. And if that wasn't enough, they're answering your prayers by introducing beef into their already impressive menu.

Cosmo dropped by the brand's Podium branch to taste their new selection, the Spicy Wagyu Noodles

Taikoo HK Roast's new offer, the Spicy Wagyu Noodles, is priced at P278. Ysa Singson

Honestly, considering the price, it was love at first bite. And it's only P278!

I like my noodles a little chewy—something most restaurants don't get right—so this was a nice surprise. The beef was soft and flavorful; it didn't just sit there, lifeless, while the noodles did all the work, lol. The good news: Though the dish had a definite kick to it, people who can't stomach spicy food need not worry; the spice is manageable. Like many things in life, it took some perseverance to finish this dish because the serving was more than enough, but you better believe na inubos ko 'to. Leaving *anything* behind was just not an option for me.

If, however, gutom na gutom ka talaga and you want to experience all the love this place has to offer, order the Original Tai Koo Plate, which is priced at P288

The Original Tai Koo Plate costs P288. Ysa Singson
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Taikoo HK Roast has several branches, but we went to the Podium Mall in Ortigas, Mandaluyong.

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