These Cakes Are Inspired By All Your Favorite Childhood Treats

Where my Potchi posse at?
PHOTO: Instagram/thebakerstableph

Take a break from adulting and enjoy the ~sweet~ creations of The Baker’s Table. Since they opened in 2014, people have been flocking to Maginhawa for their desserts, and we can’t blame them. What sets them apart from other cafes is the fact that their next-level cakes are based on our fave childhood treats.

Throw it back with this Potchi cheesecake.

Who else needs this Flat Tops chocolate cake STAT?

There isn’t anything a Peter’s Butter Ball cake can’t fix.

Celebrate your inner 7-year-old with a slice of Miknik Mousse.

And Whammo’s? TIMELESS.

Haw Haw have we lived without this?

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