These Stuffed Cookies Are What Dessert Dreams Are Made Of

Party in your mouth!!!

So...a box of stuffed cookies landed on our desks at the Cosmo HQ. Yes, stuffed cookies. Like these:

And these:

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It’s a chewy cookie stuffed with different ingredients like: Choc Nut, Oreo, Hershey’s Morsels, White Chocolate, Nutella, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kinder Bueno, Snickers, and Red Velvet. (Are you drooling yet?!)

These stuffed cookies taste even better after you pop them inside the microwave for five seconds—just enough for the chocolate inside to melt a little—and then top it off with a scoop of ice cream. Yuuuuuuum!

We know it sounds like they’re super rich and sinful, but they’re surprisingly not. Each cookie is just sweet enough to satisfy your dessert cravings!

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A box of eight regular flavored stuffed cookies (Choc Nut, Oreo, Hershey’s Morsels, and White Chocolate) costs P350, while a pack of premium stuffed cookies (Nutella, Reese’s, Kinder Bueno, and Snickers) sell for P400.

If you’re feeling a bit more indulgent, you can also try the double stuffed cookies with flavors like Mint Oreo, Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter, and KitKat. A box of 8 costs P420.

Get your hands on these delicious stuffed cookies (and other pastries) by contacting Cariza’s at 0915-333-2111. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook, too.

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