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This Food Account Gets To The Point, Gains Thousands Of Followers

Masarap ba?!

To review food, you could get your food geek on and spin a thousand-word essay on the history and the nuances and the textures and the contrasts and the authenticity...or you could just say, “Hindi masarap.

Instagram account Masarap Nga Ba? styles itself as the “pinaka-honest personal food acct sa history of mankind” and in just 96 no-B.S. posts, has already racked up 39,000 followers. The shtick is simple: picture of food, name of food (and resto), and the verdict: “Masarap” o “Hindi Masarap.” (Variations like “Masarap, pero…” or “Strangely Masarap” also appear). You can have pro tips from the captions, or just really funny and non-cliche expressions about how good (or bad) the food is.

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The all-or-nothing, black-and-white, take-no-prisoners treatment on local food reviews is refreshing, controversial, and electric. No one knows who runs the account, but whoever you are, keep on doing it.