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This Is How Influencers Dine At ~Fancy~ Restos Without Going Over Budget

Do as the influencers do and dine like a ~kween~.
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Influencers know a thing or two about heading out and enjoying what the city has to offer. The proof? Their enviable Instagram feeds. Aside from looking picture-perfect and knowing how to pose, they know just where to go. True, all that eating out will cost a lot, but that can be a non-issue with Zomato Gold, an exclusive membership program that provides 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at 450—and counting!—selected establishments.

Here are some influencers enjoying their Zomato Gold memberships:

Maggie Wilson

Aryanna Epperson

Ria Prieto

Xandra Rocha

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Don’t let my petite frame fool you... One of my super powers is that I have a HUGE appetite. No joke. True story. As in, massive, ginormous appetite!!! Equivalent to that of an athlete in training, or a construction worker at the end of a long day. 😅 (you see that plate of duck rice in the photo? I finished it all plus veggies.) I love eating out with friends and family because it means I get to order more and not feel shy about wanting those 2 main courses for myself. 😬 Plus so many of my happiest moments are when gathered around a dining table sharing a lovely meal with great company. . . This is why I’m so thrilled about being a #ZomatoGold member! It’s an exclusive membership club that lets you enjoy 2+2 on drinks or 1+1 on food in over 450 restaurants and bars in Metro Manila! I’ve been a member since they launched here last November 16 and have been loving the experience so far. Yes, you really do get that additional dish on partner restaurants– no questions asked! There are currently 30,000 people on the waitlist, but the good news is they are open for new members til 5PM today! I suggest you take this opportunity to become a member by downloading the @zomatoph app or going here #TheEatCrowd

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Jenni Epperson

ICYDK, Zomato Gold is opening its membership slots this December, which means you have a chance to also gain access to a more privileged dining experience and find your new favorite jaunts around Metro Manila.

Establishments partnered with Zomato Gold include Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, Locavore, RUB, Tipsy Pig, and Moonshine. To find out the next days when membership slots are open for Zomato Gold, follow Zomato Gold on Instagram at @zomatoph and Facebook.

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