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You Won't Believe These Tiny Japanese Dishes Are Actually Cookies

Mind. Blown. Stomach. Rumbling.
PHOTO: Instagram/chi___koko

You've never seen a spicy tuna roll like this before, and odds are you'll never want a regular one again after seeing these beauties. (Or, OK, you will, but you'll want the cookie version more, because cookies.)

Introducing Instagram user @chi___koko, Chikoto Kawakami, and her mouth-watering, adorably tiny cookies. Cookies that look exactly like traditional Japanese dinners such as pork katsudon, sushi sets, soba noodles, and cirashi don, according to Mashable. Decorated with the most intricate icing sugarwork, they're absolutely mesmerizing:

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I mean, just look at this full-fledged sushi platter. It's sushi, but it's also cookies!

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And this tempura soba noodle and deep-fried tofu dish set-up (shout-out to Google translate for the help).

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Honestly, why order Japanese food for dinner when you can just scroll through Kawakami's Instagram feed ALL. NIGHT. LONG?

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Kawakami's crazy ~sweet~ artwork doesn't stop at Japanese cuisine either. She's put her awe-worthy icing talents to work, creating tiny cookie versions of American favorites too:

Just as cute as her mini sugar burger (and those teeny tiny pickles!) are Kawakami's seasonal items, like her take on this year's trendy Halloween cobweb cake and mini pumpkins to match!

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And these Christmas goodies that scream holiday cheer.

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But nothing is cuter than mini sugar Santa, right?

They're so TINY I want to die (think: Despicable Me).

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