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This Garlic Peeling Hack Has Gone Viral And We Can't Stop Watching

Your nails are rejoicing.
PHOTO: istockphoto

You know that feeling when you're cooking something in the kitchen, and you allow your mind to take a break and focus on nothing but chopping vegetables or marinating some chicken? Yeah, I don't experience that. Whenever I try to do make something edible that's more ~*complicated*~ than a sandwich, I'm aware and stressed—especially when garlic is involved. 

It's just one of those ingredients that are a pain in the ass. When I try to peel garlic, some of it gets stuck under my nails (go figure) and the smell lingers for hours. Enter a godsend who changed the game with a peeling hack that has gone viral. 

Twitter user VPestilenZ posted a 25-second video that blew everyone's minds:

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She essentially gets the garlic out by stabbing them and yanking them out! Here's what the Internet has to say:

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