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Where To Buy Rainbow-Themed Cakes To Celebrate Your ~*Colorful*~ Life

You deserve it!
Where to buy rainbow cakes
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/mbakery_ph, Instagram/cupcakesbysonja

I'm a huge fan of rainbow-colored desserts. There's something about seeing ROYGBIV hues that uplift my mood. I remember asking for rainbow cupcakes for my 21st birthday because I felt that those happy colors perfectly described how I ~manifested~ my future would be. If it isn't obvious yet, this is me convincing you to consider getting a rainbow-themed cake for your birthday. ;)

Another major plus of getting a rainbow cake for your special day? It's totally Instagrammable. Imagine yourself wearing your fave outfit and posing with your rainbow birthday cake on your celebration pics—perfection! 

(But of course, it's fine to order a rainbow cake just because you want it! You are the boss of you. *wink wink*)

Whether you're celebrating your birthday or you just want a pretty cake in the name of self-love, check out these bakeshops that sell the cutest rainbow cakes.

Where To Buy Rainbow Cakes In Metro Manila

  1. M Bakery


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    What to get: Confetti cake

    Where to buy rainbow cakes: M Bakery
  2. Good Karma

    What to get: Custom Korean minimalist cake, starts at P1,650

    Where to buy rainbow cakes: Good Karma
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  3. Cupcakes by Sonja


    What to get: Rainbow Fiesta, P1,200

    Where to buy rainbow cakes: Cupcakes by Sonja
  4. Kuh Meal


    What to get: Party Cookie Cake, starts at P650

    Where to buy rainbow cakes: Kuh Meal
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  5. Wadough's


    What to get: Customized cake

    Where to buy rainbow cakes: Wadough's
  6. Cakes by Miriam


    What to get: Swirls Rainbow Cake, starts at P3,150

    Where to buy rainbow cakes: Cakes by Miriam
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