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13 Juicy Lobster Dishes To Try On Your Next Sweldo—Treat Yourself!

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/henseeuy, (RIGHT) Instagram/bun_appetit

If the only reference of lobster you have is from that episode of FRIENDS, you’re not alone. Lobster is considered to be one of the treasures of the sea, and by treasure, that means it doesn’t come cheap either. It’s common to see it as part of a celebratory meal during family gatherings or on top of a steak for a delicious surf and turf plate during a romantic dinner. But there are days when you’re feelin’ yourself, so much so that it makes you want to #treatyoself, and nothing says ILY more than a lobster treat. Below, we’ve listed down Manila’s tastiest lobster dishes you shouldn’t hesitate to try at least once (on that note, payday, come sooner!).

  1. Wonder Lobster Ramen

    WHERE: Wonderbowl by Ramen Nagi, BGC
    It truly is a wonder of sorts when a bowl of piping hot ramen lands on your table, and in it lies an entire cooked lobster, just barely fitting in the hot tub bowl and looking about ready to hop out. It also makes for an Instagrammable scene to take just before the mess of slurps and shell-cracking ensues. The Wonder Lobster Ramen bowl from Wonderbowl by Ramen Nagi also comes with a generous portion of ebi soup stock, red and purple cabbages, Japanese leeks, ebi powder, pork chashu, and ramen noodles.

  2. Lobster Roll

    WHERE: Bun Appetit, Rockwell
    There’s no need to fly over to New England, USA, to get your hands on a greasy serving of lobster rolls (or how they say in Boston, labstah) when Bun Appetit located at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall makes a near-exact replica of the bunwich. The brioche-like bread is a sweeter alternative to the traditional potato roll that’s used in an OG lobster roll, yet it manages to compliment the 100 grams of rich, buttery lobster meat that’s sprinkled with zesty celery salt.

  3. Lobster Linguine

    WHERE: Lusso, Makati
    If there’s one kind of dish that almost always matches perfectly with seafood, it’s pasta. At Lusso in Greenbelt 5, their Lobster Linguine is a crowd favorite. It serves up a whole lobster with linguine cooked in Basque peppers and shallot cream sauce. Ideally, one plate can satisfy two persons, but if you’re experiencing some serious lobster withdrawals, we won’t blame you if you order Lusso’s best-selling pasta for one. *wink*

  4. Lobster Spaghetti

    WHERE: Blackbird, Makati
    Once the location of Manila’s first commercial airport, Nielson Tower has been transformed into one of the most unique and memorable dinings spots in the metro—Blackbird. Round up your barkada for a sophisticated dinner, or invite the boyfriend (or girlfriend!) to a romantic date at this art deco landmark. Their grilled steaks are to die for, but if you’re craving a lighter entree, you can’t go wrong with the Lobster Spaghetti. The oil-based pasta is tossed with fennel, tomatoes, and saffron, creating a light and fragrant dish that’ll leave you enough room for dessert.

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  5. Boston Lobster Teppan

    WHERE: Teppanya, Las Pinas
    Not all good food can be found in the North or Center of Manila; those who live in the South have their own share of excellent dining spots that non-Southerners don’t even know about. Located in Evia Lifestyle Center, Teppanya claims that, when you dine with them, “it’s not just food, it’s entertainment.” Teppanyaki chefs artistically whip up Japanese food that are served on iron plates, and you get to see it all happen before your eyes. One of their teppan specialties is the Boston Lobster Teppan—a sumptuous offering of lobster tail that’s served with dashi bisque, shiitake mushrooms, and vegetables.

  6. Lobster Plate

    WHERE: Catch of the Day by Cold Storage, Ortigas
    While we’re on the subject of live cookery, Catch of the Day by Cold Storage is a seafood depot located at The Corner Market Food Hall at The Podium. Here, you can either stock up on fresh lobster for the house or, if you’re feeling tamad, request to have it cooked for a fee. Fair warning, though: The one thing you might not want to miss out on, should you make the adult decision to CYOL (Cook Your Own Lobster), is the lavish lemon butter sauce that perfectly compliments the crustacean, plus the side of garlic rice or mashed potato to complete a satiating meal.

  7. Lobster Paella

    WHERE: CDP Global Table, Rockwell
    Where New York meets Paris meets Manila, CDP Global Table is a surestop on the transcontinental cuisine train. The international influences in this restaurant’s menu might convince you to have a mini buffet, all thanks to its deceptively small but ample plates, but if you’ve only got eyes for lobster, then the Lobster Paella is an interesting take on the exquisite seafood. You’ve probably had paella before, but the combination of Maine lobster tail, mussels, clams, and arborio rice can make you feel like it’s the first time all over again.

  8. Maine Lobster Vongole

    WHERE: CDP Global Table, Rockwell
    Vongole sounds like it’s an Italian expression that tells people, “Let’s dance!” but it’s actually just referring to clam pasta that’s typically made with white wine, olive oil, garlic, and parsley. At CDP Global Table, their vongole pasta features a Maine lobster tail, a perfect match with the pasta’s briny flavor and Manila clams, while the fennel bulb and chili flakes give it that note of herbiness and kick of heat, respectively.

  9. Poached Maine Lobster Tail

    WHERE: Stockton Place, Legazpi Village
    It’s important to keep your eyes on the lookout for a white, brick-walled facade while you’re trying to find Stockton Place in Legazpi Village. Despite its small and cozy dining spot, Stockton’s menu lists just like a full-sized restaurant and also caters to a more elevated palate as they serve items like foie gras, portobello mushrooms, rib eye steak, and, of course, lobster tail. As one of their main entrees, their Poached Maine Lobster Tail takes center stage with a generous swipe of cauliflower cream, a drizzle of brown butter beurre blanc, and garlic chips to complete the full profile.

  10. Lobster Fried with Dried Chili and Golden Garlic

    WHERE: Crystal Dragon, City of Dreams
    Enjoy a family-style, fine dining experience at Crystal Dragon, an Oriental restaurant that prides itself in Cantonese and regional Chinese cuisines. In their menu’s Live Seafood section, you have the choice to have your lobster cooked in four different ways: Baked with Superior Stock, Fried with Dried Chili and Golden Garlic, Crispy Butter-fried, or Baked with Black Pepper Sauce. Below is the Lobster Fried with Dried Chili and Golden Garlic, which is just one iteration of how your lobster can turn out, but you can ditch fryer if you prefer your seafood baked instead.

  11. Baked Lobster with Cheese

    WHERE: XIU Fine Cantonese Dining, Greenhills
    When you ask any run-of-the-mill cheese lover why they love the dairy wheel so much, it always seems like they can’t find the right words to explain themselves, so they just end up with, “It’s just so good.” The problem with that is they might end up speechless when they try the Baked Lobster with Cheese at XIU Fine Cantonese Dining. It’s also plated creatively with the head and the tail placed on opposite ends, while the pool of melted cheese smothered on tender lobster meat and tendrils make up the rest of the body.

  12. Baked Lobster Tail on Pumpkin Sage Risotto

    WHERE: Zucchini’s, Tomas Morato
    You can find Modern European cuisine in Tomas Morato when you dine at Zucchini’s Restaurant. Though it might seem an unlikely place to stumble upon a fine dining establishment, Zucchini’s delivers an impeccable menu that specializes in Certified Australian Beef steaks and also includes a drool-worthy, slow-baked bone marrow dish. For those who prefer seafood, their Baked Lobster Tail is a winner, as it’s laid on a bed of pumpkin sage risotto—a marriage of sweet and salty between shellfish and gourd.

  13. Lobster and River Prawn Roll

    WHERE: Lusso, Greenbelt 5
    What makes this particular lobster roll eye-catching isn’t just the chunky serving of lobster meat and river prawns; it’s the tiger bread it’s served in. Neither a brioche nor potato bun (nor made of tiger—phew!), the tiger bread provides a crunchy outer crust that adds more bite and texture to the sandwich. It also holds up perfectly with the creamy filling that could easily turn any softer roll into a plate of mush. If you missed your breakfast, get your brunch fix with this stuffed sandwich.

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