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Where To Order Delicious Gimbaps To Satisfy Your K-ravings

Where to order gimbap onlinei in Manila
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/annyeongkimbapchi, Instagram/kimbapchu

Korean dishes have reached the top spot in our list of favorite comfort food. There’s tteokbokki, Korean corndogs, ramyeon, jjajangmyeon, and a whole lot more. Now here’s something that comes in the form of a roll—gimbap!

What makes gimbap
 extraordinary is that it’s a whole meal in one bite. As far as we can remember from school, we need go, grow, and glow food every day for a balanced diet, and gimbap fulfills all these because there’s rice, meat, and vegetables in it. In SoKor, there are smaller versions of this called mayak gimbap.

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Planning to have gimbap today? Here's a list of online stores and restaurants where you can order them from:

1. Annyeong – Kimchi & Kimbap


If you’re looking for handa in time for your next celebration, go for Annyeong – Kimchi & Kimbap and order their Family Tray (P650 for 70 slices), Barkada Tray (P850 for 95 slices), or Party Tray (P1,050 for 120 slices).

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2. Kimbapchu


For those who live in Muntinlupa, you can get a taste of South Korea’s popular picnic food with Kimbapchu! Try their best-selling Spam gimbap for P160 per tub, and catch yourself stuffing yourself with this delightful treat.

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3. Yumnroll


On a diet? Satisfy your Korean food craving sans the guilt and opt for Yumnroll’s low-carb gimbap. Priced at P130, you can pair this with their homemade garlic sauce and feel like you’re on cloud nine. Yum!

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4. Ms. Kimbap



Ms. Kimbap’s homemade food doesn’t only look good—it tastes good, too! For P140, you can already get their classic gimbap. And if you’re still a bit hungry, you can also add their bulgogi rice bowl to your order. Enjoy!

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5Cheesy Kimbap


Love cheese? You’ll definitely love this! Cheesy Kimbap puts a twist on the usual gimbap for P195, and adds kimchi, mozzarella cheese, ssamjang (spicy Korean sauce), and samgyupsal (grilled meat) to the rice before wrapping it in seaweed.

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6. Tet’s Kimbap


Just in case you want tteokbokki (P140) to go along with your gimbap (P139), Tet’s Kimbap is the answer to your wish. Why not add an egg as well? And a slice of cheese to make it the real deal? You’re welcome.

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7. Kko Kko


You might be familiar with Kko Kko after seeing the Korean restaurant in malls, and yes, they deliver! Aside from their to-die-for-fried chicken and cheese fondue set, Kko Kko also offers gimbap in Spam, tuna, beef, and chicken variants for P220.

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8. Samgyupsalon


Why order just gimbap when you can have an entire dosirak (lunchbox)? Samgyupsalon has the single dosirak if you're eating alone (P300), the couple dosirak that you can enjoy with your jagiya (significant other) (P700), the chingu dosirak for the squad (P900), and the family dosirak that you can share with your parents and sibs (P1200)!

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9. Gaja Korean Kitchen


Here’s a fancy take on gimbap: Gaja Korean Kitchen’s gimbap aburi is beef bulgogi gimbap smothered with lava aburi sauce, aka the stuff of our dreams. We’re getting weak in the knees just by looking at this photo:

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10. Sibyullee


Binge-watch episodes of Crash Landing On You and munch on Seri’s Choice (yup, that’s the name!) priced at P200—gimbap with beef bulgogi, cheese, and garlic dip. We hope you’re watching the hit K-drama with your own Captain Ri!

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