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Where To Buy Poke Bowls If You're Looking For Fresh & Delicious Comfort Food

where to buy poke bowls

Aloha! I don't know if you've ever tried a poke bowl in your life, but if you haven't yet, then today's the day I hope I can finally convince you that you should. In case you're not familiar with what a poke bowl is, it's a "Hawaiian dish of sliced raw fish, usually ahi tuna, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, served over soft rice, and topped with seaweed and Hawaiian kukui nuts." I honestly think it deserves a spot on your list of go-to comfort food. I mean, seafood + rice + toppings + flavorful sauces all in one bowl? BRB, busog na ako just by thinking about it. Seriously, it's so underrated. Give the cakes, cookies, and chips a break for now and try a poke bowl instead. ;) Below, we round up the places where you can order them in Manila.

Ono Poke PH

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If you've always wondered what it'd be like to taste authentic Hawaiian poke, you can count on Ono Poke to give you that experience. They have seven signature bowls to choose from: Aburi Garlic Tuna, Shoyu Tuna Bowl, Spicy Tuna Crunch Poke/Aburi Bowl, Wasabi Mayo Tuna Poke/Aburi Bowl, Miso Salmon Poke/Aburi Bowl, Soy Miso Salmon Poke Bowl, and Ginger Ponzu Salmon Bowl. The starting price for each bowl is P275. You can also include add-ons such as a scoop of tuna (+P100), salmon (+P150), or shrimp (+P130), and sides (P50) such as kani, kimchi, and ocean salad.

To place an order, visit Ono Poke's official website.

Poke bowl from Ono Poke PH

Momona Loa Poke


One thing you should know about Momona Loa Poke is that they don't skimp on tuna—suuuper sulit  you will literally see chunks in your tub!! They offer six different poke bowls: Shoyu (price starts at P270), Spicy Tuna (price starts at P290), Aioli Crunch (price starts at P320), Garlic Shoyu (price starts at P290), Toasted Sesame (price starts at P320), and Torched Three-Cheese Wasabi (P420). Their small tub is good for one to two people (350 to 370 grams) while their big tub is good for four to six pax (650 to 670 grams). If you're feeding your entire family or barkada, go for the party pack which is good for 10 to 12 pax (1,650 to 1,700 grams).

To place an order, send them a message on Instagram

Poke bowl from Momona Loa Poke
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Kaona Poké Bowls PH


Craving for tuna and salmon? Treat yourself to a Kaona Poke Bowl! Make sure to try their bestseller, the Spicy California Aki Poke (P350 for a regular tub and P650 for a grande tub) which has fresh tuna, spicy mayo dressing, sesame flavors, roasted nori flakes, ebiko, and special kani crab topping. The latest addition to their menu is the Spicy California Kamano Poke (P470 for a regular tub and P870 for a grande tub), which is made with fresh salmon, signature spicy mayo dressing, roasted nori flakes, ebiko, and special kani crab topping. 

To place an order, send them a message on Instagram

Poke bowl from Kaona Poke Bowls PH

Fia's Fud

Follow: @fiasfud

Originally a passion project by Sofia herself, Fia's Fud offers fresh poke bowls, pizzas, bread, and more. For her fresh chunky poke bowls (P350/bowl), you can choose from three kinds of sauces (spicy, wasabi, or ponzu) and two kinds of rice (shoyu or kimchi). There's also the option to let her know whether you like your poke bowl prepared cold or torched. According to Sofia, her personal favorites are Spicy Shoyu Cold, Wasabi Kimchi Torch, and Ponzu Shoyu Cold. 


For more details and to place an order, send her a message on Instagram.

Poke bowl from Fia's Fud

The Blue Apron PH

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Okay, so these aren't really poke bowls—they're poke tacos—but we're including them on our list anyway! Calling all adventurous eaters, this one's for you. The Blue Apron has four different kinds of poke taco sets: Sinful Salmon (box of three for P320), Krazy Kani (box of three for P280), and Sisig Poke Tacos (box of three for P295). They're also available in boxes of five and seven.

To place an order, visit their Instagram and fill out their order form.

Poke tacos from The Blue Apron

Poke Poke Manila

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Get hearty flavors all in one dish with the help of Poke Poke Manila. Choose from their five different bowls: Dragon (P450), Cali (P300), Samurai (P320), Gangnam Style (P320) and Basic (P280). They also offer Poke Bake Aburi in regular and half and half pans! 

For more details, visit their Instagram.

Poke Bubs

Follow: @pokebubsmnl

If you want something bite-sized, check out these super cute poke pockets! They're priced at P499 but if you end up craving more, you can also order their Poke Bowl (P349) or Poke Tray (P1,499).

Click here to place an order. For more details, visit their Instagram.



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