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Would You Go On An Emoji Diet?

Yes, those cute little characters on your smartphones.

A writer named Kelsey Rexrote challenged herself to eat every food item represented by an emoji—and only those—for seven days. (There are 59 "edible" icons!)

With the help of Emojipedia, she interpreted each symbol and created a menu for the entire week.

Here’s a sample of her meal plan, represented by emojis below:
Breakfast: coffee ("hot beverage"), banana, strawberries, milk
Lunch: veggie stew ("pot of food"), cherries, lollipop
Dinner: spaghetti, red wine

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The verdict? Kalsey shares, "So is the emoji diet a contender in the weight-loss market? Not likely, given its emphasis on white rice, alcohol, and indulging in a dessert (or three) each day. I did, however, enjoy exploring new foods and restaurants as I undertook my phone-food mission. I won’t be limiting myself to emoji again, but I will be eagerly watching to see which foods are added in future releases."

Still sounds pretty fun. Are you up for the challenge?


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