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5 Yakult-Flavored Treats Worth Getting Delivered Right Now

From ice cream, to cake, to all sorts of spinoff drinks!

If you're crazy about Yakult, you'll know that there's way more to it than just its health benefits. The cultured milk drink also packs a tangy, somewhat citrusy flavor to it that's crave-worthy in its own right. Beyond the drink, there are other ways you can enjoy its distinctive taste—and we've rounded them up for you in this list. You don't even have to leave the house to try them!

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Happy Lemon

It's worth switching up your usual Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese drink for one of Happy Lemon's Yakult drinks. The Yakult Smoothie (P119/regular, P135/jumbo) is great for Yakult purists, while Lemon Yakult Cooler (P119/regular, P135/jumbo) will please those who like it really tart. For strawberry fans, there's also the Strawberry Yakult Cooler (P119/regular, P135/jumbo).

For orders, find Happy Lemon on Foodpanda, GrabFood, or LalaFood. For more information, check out Happy Lemon Philippines' Facebook page.

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PHOTO BY Happy Lemon
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Moms Sorbetes

Why have vanilla or chocolate when you can have Moms Sorbetes' Yakult Ice Cream (P145/750 ml)? Each scoop lets you enjoy Yakult's signature flavor in a cold, creamy format. 

For orders, send a message to Moms Sorbetes on Facebook.

PHOTO BY Facebook/moms Sorbetes
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YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Yakult's tangy flavor is a surprisingly great pair with the earthy taste of tea, and you can enjoy them together through YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea's Yakult drinks. Choose from the Yakult Passionfruit Green Tea (P120), Yakult Pineapple Green Tea (P120), or the Yakult Iced Tea (P105). 

For orders, find YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or LalaFood.

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CYN Finely Baked Treats

If you've ever wanted to savor Yakult's signature taste in a dense and creamy form, look no further than CYN Finely Baked Treats' Yakult Cheesecake (P150/single-serve, P450/six-by-two inch round can, P1,250/eight-by-three inch cheesecake), which is made with lots of real Yakult for that definitive tang. 

For orders, contact (0945) 390-9184. You can send a message to Cyn Finely Baked Treats' Facebook and Instagram pages.

PHOTO BY Facebook/CYN Finely Baked Treats
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Dakasi blends Yakult with other juices and even tea in their Yakult series. Choose from the Yakult Lemon (P140), Yakult Passion Fruit (P140), or the Yakult Strawberry (P140) if you like it fruity. You can even get the Yakult Green Tea (P140) if you're looking for an earthy way to get your yogurt fix.

For orders, find Dakasi on GrabFood or Foodpanda.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Dakasi Philippines
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