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These Scented Candles Make My Room Smell Like Coffee + Milkshakes And I'm Obsessed

Red wine in a scented candle? *Adds to cart*

One of my current obsessions is collecting scented candles. They're the perfect addition to a home simply because it makes your space smell good. If you're looking for a sign to hop on the trend, well this is it! And the funny thing is, you can find just about any scent you're currently daydreaming about—including ones inspired by your favorite food and drinks! From fruits to milkshakes, to cocktail-inspired scents, we round up some scented candles that are worth checking out.

A&C Handcrafted

Follow: @achandcrafted

Scent to get: Monday Brews (P549)

Kailangan niyo ba ng Monday motivation? We gotchu! Make the start of every week more bearable with this candle that has hints of brewed coffee, milk, and butterscotch. Its sweet scent will give you that energy boost you need in the morning! 

Scented candle
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Amore Mio

Follow: @amoremio_candles

Scents to get: Vanilla Grapefruit (P688) and Green Tea And Lemon (P688)

Give your room that tropical vibe with Amore Mio's Vanilla Grapefruit candle. It has a mix of sweet and citrus scents that'll instantly uplift your mood. If you're looking for something that's more soothing, you can also try their Green Tea and Lemon candle. 

Scented candle
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Tranquil Co.


Scents to get: Milk And Honey (P350), Vanilla Milkshake (P350), Caramel Apple Cider (P350), and Cafe Latte (P350)

Tranquil Co.'s latest collection features four scents that are inspired by some of your fave drinks. Its Milk And Honey candle has notes of oat milk and floral honey, while their Vanilla Milkshake has hints of vanilla ice cream. If you're looking for something sweeter, try their Caramel Apple Cider and Cafe Latte—it has a silky cream and coffee scent with light notes of chocolate. Yum!

Scented candle
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Simoy Ng Haraya

Follow: @simoyngharaya

Scents to get: Panaderia (P799), Takilya (P799), Puto BumbongBibingkaBuko Pandan, andTsokonut. 

(Editor's note: Their Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, Buko Pandan, andTsokonut are currently sold out, but stay tuned for announcements because they'll be restocking soon!)

Their specialty? Scents inspired by Filipino food! Growing up, I would always look forward to going to our local bakery and ordering freshly baked bread in the morning. If na-experience niyo rin 'to when you were a kid, then the Panaderia candle will recreate that feeling! You can also try theirTakilya candle which has hints of buttered popcorn, salt, caramel, vanilla, and sugar. They even have scents that'll give you Paskong Pinoy vibes such as puto bumbong and bibingka. For a more nostalgic feel, try their Tsokonut candle that'll give you the ultimate throwback to one of your fave childhood snacks. 

Scented candle
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Yoke Candle Co

Follow: @yokecandleco

Scents to get: English Breakfast (P990)and 8pm Cocktails (P990)

Upgrade your mornings and try the English Breakfast from Yoke Candle Co. It has fragrances of black tea, honey, and cacao that'll put you in a good mood! And after a long day, treat yourself to the aroma of their 8pm Cocktails. It has hints of spicy cinnamon, orange peel, and red wine and smells just like an amaretto sour if you ask me! Cheers! 

Scented candle
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Lit AF Candle Co PH


Scent to get: F*ck Fake Peaches (P645)

This peach nectar soy candle is packed with a mix of sweet and citrus scents you'll love. Its base is vanilla and sugar, while the middle has hints of peach, plum, and violet. The topmost layer has notes of mandarin, raspberry, and coconut. Fruit salad wth a twist, anyone? 

Scented candle
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Soy Dreams PH


Scent to get: Sunday Candy (P750)

If you're the type who prefers a scent that's not matapang, Sunday Candy from Soy Dreams PH could be the right one for you. It's a sweet blend of grapefruit and thyme, topped with peach. Para lang siyang refreshing cocktail! 

Scented candle
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Calimer Studio

Follow: @calimerstudio

Scent to get: Cafe Noisette  (P350 for 200 ml and P495 for 300 ml)

Here's something that'll help you start your day right. Inspired by the French word for hazelnut, Cafe Noisette is a scented candle with hints of coffee. Check out their cool packaging, too—it includes legit coffee beans!

Scented candle
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