Science Says There Are Four Types Of Drunks

Which one are you?

We all have that friend who gets belligerent when wasted, screaming at a trash can that it doesn't understand the finer points of modern architecture or Al Pacino's actingOr the one friend who gets so giggly that even the lamest joke sends her into fits.

But now, thanks to very serious research by scientists at the University of Missouri-Columbia, you can categorize them into into four groups, conveniently named after well-known pop culture figures: the Ernest Hemingway, the Mary Poppins, the Mr. Hyde, and the Nutty Professor.

Ernest Hemingway

Named for the famous writer and perhaps even more famous drinker, people in this category show similar personality traits when drunk and sober. As Hemingway once said, he could "drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk." Forty percent of those tested fell into this category.

Mr. Hyde

This is your friend who will pick a fight with a lamppost after a few beers if given the chance. Mr. Hydes transform into almost unrecognizable people when intoxicated. According to the researchers, they are "particularly less responsible, less intellectual, and more hostile when under the influence of alcohol."

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Mary Poppins

The sweet ones of the bunch, those in the Mary Poppins category become kind and affectionate when drunk. These are the guys who run around the bar bestowing hugs on strangers and screaming, "I love you, man!"

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Nutty Professor

These folks, like Mr. Hyde, also show a distinct difference in personality when drunk. But instead of becoming hostile, these introverts become extroverted. They drop their inhibitions and become more social when they drink.

Now you have a fun new drinking game next time you're out: decide which categories each of your friends belongs to. Cheers!

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