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Do You Want To Preserve The Gorgeous Bouquet Bae Gave You? We Found The Perfect Way To Do It

Feeling sentimental?
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Floral arrangements are a classic way to show how much you love someone. They're present in almost all of life's special occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and of course, Valentine's Day. But since flowers eventually wilt, these gifts don’t exactly last forever.

What if I tell you that there’s actually a way to make your favorite flowers last longer?

Enter: Soviolisa—a local online shop that specializes in the preservation of flower arrangements.

Just send in your floral bouquet and they’ll frame it for you. This way, you’re making your gift (and the memories that come with it) last forever.

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You can also ask them to include any special memorabilia, such as notes and photos, that made receiving these flowers unforgettable. 

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The cost mostly depends on two things: the frame that will be used and your preferred floral layout. According to Soviolisa, preservation of clients’ bouquets range from P2,000 to P6,000. 

However, if you want to skip the bouquet, you can get a pre-made framed floral arrangement from their store. They have a wide array of materials you can choose from—like this sunflower display which is priced at P2,400.

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Aside from framed bouquets, they also sell these very cute necklaces with dried flowers. 

For inquiries and a full list of their products, you may check Soviolisa’s Instagram page.

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