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5 Fun Things to Do With Your Mom If You're Stuck at Home Together

Why not do a Tiktok dance challenge together?

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Your mom has guided you and cared for you throughout your childhood, and now that you’re all grown up, you can connect in a totally different way—we’re talking a BFF connection! And you don’t have to go out to the mall or the cinema to do this. You can still have a ton of fun with your mom even if you’re both stuck at home. If you’re looking for different ways to bond with your birth giver, read on!

1. Paint each other’s nails.

Normally, you’d probably head to the salon and get mani-pedis together. But since you’re stuck at home, why not give each other pretty manicures? Break out the nail polish and look for nail art pegs online. Not only is it an intimate way to bond, it’ll also give you and your mom an excuse to show of your nails on IG. If you’re feeling fancy, break out a small tub and let your mom soak her feet in warm water. She deserves it!

2. Binge K-dramas together.

Instead of watching your shows by yourself at the dead of night, why not introduce your mom to the wonderful world of K-dramas? A lot of them are lighthearted and fun—perfect for when you both just need to destress and unwind. You’ll laugh together, cry together, and maybe even swoon over favorite oppa together!

3. Cook a fancy meal.

If your mom is anything like ours, then you probably have a ton of cookbooks that go unopened. Break them out and pour over recipes together! After all, there’s nothing more delicious than pasta made from scratch, flavorful beef and rice bowls, or a hand-tossed pizza garnished with herbs grown from your garden. Maybe leave doing the dishes to dad, though. *Wink*

4. Get crafty.

Bring out your mom’s inner homemaker by creating art, home decor, and pretty ornaments together. It’ll be a lot easier if you watch tutorials and give each other a helping hand. If you both agree that your house needs some home improvement, freshen up your storage drawers by painting them, create cute ornaments for your dining table, or make pretty mosaics using scrap fabrics.

5. Make Tiktoks together!

Bring out your mom’s silly side by making fun Tiktoks together. Show off your star power by acting over voice-overs, play with the app's endless filters, or even do a dance challenge together! After all, teaching your mom how to dance is already a fun activity in itself, and she might even surprise you with her moves. 

If you want to show your mom some extra love, try doing Goldilocks’ #GoldilockILYMom dance challenge! So even if she doesn’t want to get up and dance, you can still let her know how much she means to you. Check out the steps below!

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