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Slice, Slice, Baby: 20 Instagram Captions If You Can't Get Enough Of Pizza

funny pizza captions

When I pick a show or movie to watch, especially when I can't sleep at night, I actively avoid anything that's set in New York (so that automatically rules out half of all rom-coms, lol). It's weird, I know, but hear me out. I do this because I guarantee at least one scene where the leads are eating a huge slice of pizza. I just can't be putting myself through that right before bed. 

funny pizza captions: for instagram posts of your pizza

All this to say that pizza is universally loved. Even when it's bad, it's better than a lot of food. And it always hits the spot. Sure, it may not be the most beautifully styled dish, but every slice makes you want to take a hundred photos. Pair those pics with a few funny pizza captions and you're all set. 

Funny Pizza Captions For Instagram:

  1. Slice, slice, baby. 
  2. A slice of heaven.
  3. What a cutie pie.
  4. In crust we trust. 
  5. Live free, pie hard.
  6. The secret ingredient is always cheese.
  7. Pizza is the only love triangle I want. 
  8. Through thick and thin, pizza has always been there for me.
  9. Problems come and go. Pizza is forever.
  10. You've stolen a pizza my heart. 
  11. That's...amore.
  12. But first, pizza. 
  13. Say cheese.
  14. I wanna be where the pizzas are.
  15. Happiness is extra pepperoni. 
  16. Imagine the pizzabilities.
  17. Pizzachu, I choose you. 
  18. Exercise? I thought you said extra slice. 
  19. Hot and ready.
  20. I love you from my head to...matoes.
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