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Geneva Cruz Tells Women They Can Wear A Bikini Despite Of Their Age Or Body Type

You know what they say: Your body, your rules.
Geneva Cruz' body positivity post
PHOTO: Instagram/genevacruzofficial

Geneva Cruz lends her social media platform once again to promote body positivity. The mother of two says no one deserves to be shamed for being confident in their skin.

The actress, in her 40s, radiated confidence as she flaunted a two-piece swimsuit in her latest Instagram post on November 7, 2021. She also used her post as a way to appreciate the beauty of women's bodies beyond skin-deep.

"Wearing a two-piece swimsuit on a beach or in a resort is more than okay, and no one should be shamed for it, and all women can rock it despite their biological age, weight, height, or skin," she wrote in her caption.

She also motivated other women to embrace their flaws. While they may see it as imperfections, it is actually their own brand of being beautiful.

"Yes, to women supporting other women, and double YES to celebrating different types of 'imperfect beauty' because no human is perfect," she added.


The celebrity mom is no stranger to speaking up against body-shaming. Earlier this year, Geneva posted a series of photos to share her journey of accepting and loving her "warrior marks" as a mother. (Read the full feature story here.) 

"The #tigerstripes, #looseskin, #lineanegra, and #cellulite go hand-in-hand with pregnancy, but I wouldn't be who I am today if not for those warrior marks."


She's also not the type to back down to netizens who criticize her physical appearance. In one instance, a commenter called her ugly to which Geneva replied: "Walang pangit na tao. Ugali mo lang ang pangit."

You go tell them bashers off, beautiful mommas!


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