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10 Super Helpful *Adulting* Lessons Hazel Quing Taught Us About Living Alone

From designing your space, to dealing with money, and more.
Hazel Quing

When she was 23 years old, Hazel Quing bought her first piece of land in Tagaytay. She invested in real estate property after launching her food and beverage business 11:11, which offers milk tea, lattes, and desserts. Now, at 24, the Pinay content creator is making ~major life decisions~ yet again. Just a few months ago, she officially announced in a vlog that she decided to "take a step further" and move out of her parents' house. In the video, Hazel shared, "I've never been this excited [in] my whole life. It's another chapter of growing up. I'm just craving that growth—yung growth na makilala ko pa yung sarili ko. I'm excited to figure things out on my own." She added, "I hope that by sharing with you this journey I get to inspire you to go out of your comfort zone, [and] do the things that you want to do."

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Four months ago, Hazel started a series on her YouTube channel and called it "Living Alone Diaries." With over 20 episodes, we gotta admit: The videos are pretty helpful when it comes to moving out and settling into a new home. From grocery shopping, to opening bills, and even assembling furniture, she shows her followers what the ~independent life~ has been like so far.   

Below, we round up some adulting and *living alone* tips we learned from Hazel Quing's vlogs.

First things first: Declutter.

Before you leave your parents' house or your family home, you should make it a point to double check the things you'll be bringing to your new place. We hate to break it to you, but you don't need to transfer everything. Only make space for the items that truly matter.

Be prepared to shell out money—like A LOT of it.

Hazel said so herself, "Sobrang mahal mag-move out." Make sure that when you decide to live on your own, you are financially ready. You'll be spending on groceries, bills, and more. Use your money wisely and know your priorities! From experience, Hazel suggested, "Kung ano muna [yung] kaya mong bilhin for nowyun muna bilhin mo." The first few items she purchased were her bed, mattress, and refrigerator.

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Consider your lifestyle when designing your space.

As a content creator, Hazel admitted that storage space is actually a main concern when it comes to how she wants her office to be designed. In her line of work, she usually gets several PR packages and always tries to figure out where she can put them. Think about the industry you're in, and from there, identify what your space will eventually need.

Don't be afraid to hire professionals who will help you get the job done.

Out of the two bedrooms in her condo, Hazel mentioned that she wanted one room to be an office. She came up with pegs for the design, and then consulted Tanaw Studio to make her plan a reality. Sometimes, it's way better to ask help from experts because they're more knowledgeable about certain things and as a result, can give the best advice.

There will be struggles, so you have to be patient.

Obviously, moving out is easier said than done. Let's be real: Doing laundry, cleaning your room, and cooking your own meals for the very first time (all on your own) might be difficult. There are a lot of lessons and mistakes involved along the way, but trust us, you will be fine. 

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Stock up on your set of tools.

Prior to living alone, you've probably never owned a toolkit. Well, now's the time to invest in one because you'll never know when you might need it! Without a doubt, it'll come in handy when you assemble those aesthetic furniture you ordered. ;)

Make a grocery shopping list.

This is actually pretty underrated! Lists can be so, so helpful. You can avoid getting unnecessary items from shelves because you already know what you need. Think about the money you'll save! Plus, it saves you time from going through each aisle, too. 

When you go to the market, consider the meals you're going to cook.

According to Hazel's mom, Haidee, before you shop at a market, it helps to plan what dishes you'll be cooking at home. Anong putahe yung gusto mong gawin? She suggests to start buying garlic, onions, tomatoes, calamansi, and sili. Why? Because these are some of the *most basic* ingredients in every dish. Once you've gotten those, then you can proceed with the other items.

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Track your expenses.

Okay, this should be a given but we'll remind you guys anyway. Monitor your monthly spending. Compare the amount of your bills each month. Plan a budget and actually stick to it! 

Lastly, remember that it's never too late to go after what you want.

In one of Hazel's vlogs, she revealed that she decided to go back to college. (And we're all for it!!) Living alone may seem like you should always have it together, but the reality is it's totally okay if you're still figuring out what you want. This may sound cliche, but adulting—and life in general—is no way linear. Follow your own path, and don't forget to make yourself a priority. You got this, bb!


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